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Our Second Collection: The Flutterfly Series



So I’ve launched my second collection of Environmentally Friendly Notebooks, please visit to support! Blog entry below 🙂


There was no deliberation at all. We saw the design from far off, simply walked over and grabbed whatever’s left on the shelf. The whole carton of it. And we made sure we have each and every color in our loot.

Flutterfly Series Stack

Our founder Qi Yun love Butterflies so much, she has a whole Pinterest Board dedicated to these beautiful creatures. There’s really nothing much to talk about for the series other than the beautiful intricate design printed on the hard cover of these notebooks.

A quote from our Founder in December 2012
A quote from our Founder in December 2012

This series represents rebirth, akin to a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. These miniature notebooks are embellished with a specially printed butterfly emblem, reminding each and every one of us there is Beauty, Hope and Faith on Earth.


Butterflies also remind us how we should always embrace changes, for if nothing in the World ever changes, the caterpillar will always stay as a caterpillar and there will be no butterflies on Earth.



We hope you’ll like this collection as much as we do. Use it to contain small important information, or manifest on the beautiful poetic and inspirational nature of butterflies and keep your best inspirational quotes safe within it.

Flutterfly Series Semi Circ


At the same time, we are also having a storewide GSS discount! Simply use the coupon code: DPGSS2013 upon checkout to enjoy the discount!

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