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Do it or Kill it.

I’m taking a short break from some day-work obligations that requires me to go through 40 different blogs and am now sipping some hot walnut drink and reflecting on the state of my own blog.

I started off this blog with the grand idea of sharing my business and startup thoughts together with my interest for make-up and beauty. I want to show that women can have brains and beauty at the same time. However, the daily work grind and my forever wandering mind always questions the need and the obligations for this space.

First there’s the day to day need of meeting the company and client’s needs. This takes up more than 70% of my time on an average day and I am finding hard to delegate the work. Many people think it is because I am too much a perfectionist and prefer to do all the work by myself, even though I could always pass them on to someone else. But the close one who know me know I am nothing close to being a perfectionist. I just have not found the solution to the problem I created for myself 3.5 years ago.

Then there’s the other 10% of the time for basic needs like food and bath.

Next comes the other 10% of the time going for events, hanging around with friends, shopping, traveling, creating content which I thought ‘ yes I need to blogs about this’ -> all the time I intended to blog about.

And the last 10% of the time which I thought I could use for blogging but it just somehow gets prioritised to other more important stuffs, or just vanishes as I get hooked onto some YouTube serial dramas  or simply get into the endless motion of scrolling through Facebook NewsFeeds.

As I throughly screen through other blogs, I found that the blogs that are really good tend to be those whom the writers actually do have a life, and a very busy one too.

A mommy blogger who was from Saudi Arabia moved to Singapore, worked as a doctor’s assistant, new mom to a 8 month old kid, has family obligations and still finds the time to blog ALMOST EVERY DAY.

A university student juggling school and project works but has tons of followers on IG and Facebook and blogs very frequently too.

A father with FOUR kids. Blogs at least 2 times a week. Enough Said.


I need to clear cobwebs from this space every time I visit. I have been thinking long and hard about this for sometime now and it’s either I do this space well, or I get rid of this place.

But with all the current blogging obligations and posts that I owe people for 😛 I guess the former has to be the right path for me so I say I’ll give this space my best shot for another year and try to do it well. What say you? Will you be my motivation?


Some quick thought I need to do to get myself going

1) Get that pile load of half written drafts completed and posted out. Which means, I will have some posts popping up somewhere in May 2013, or Nov 2014,  or Jan 2015. Readers don’t mind me and please bear with me…

2) Get some blogger follower thingy installed. HEY YINA. You are now better than me at blogging. HELP PLEASE!

3) Get some branding done here. Wot-zhe-fffff is FlyingPistachios supposed to stand for? Marlynna!!!!! Stop avoiding me!!!


The greatest irony – I got to get back to work and finish going through the rest of the 40 blogs. sigh…

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