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3 ways to carry that Ark Bamboo Handbag

When I first saw the Cult Gaia Ark Bamboo Handbag on Popsugar, I knew I had to get it. Or a inspired piece it least >.< Which was what I did. The smaller versions of the bag was completely sold out when I visited the site. I wasn’t sure about the compartment size of the architectural piece and whether I will be carrying out it’s worth too so I held back.

A week later, I sighted a inspired piece on local fashion store Souers and decided to go for it. The design was genius! It was roomier than expected and I could pop in my wallet, handphone and over-prepared makeup on-the-go pouch into it with no problem. It even fitted and carried a little mineral bottle I got at a media event. Without a doubt, this Ark Bamboo Bag received lots of love from myself and friends around me too!

I have been featuring it all over my Instagram and here are 3 ways I carried it.


upcoming singapore fashion blogger

Bamboo bag

upcoming singapore fashion blogger

As the handbag was inspired by the Japanese Picnic Basket, I couldn’t resist doing up a Japanese look for it. The Ark Bamboo Bag also proved to be super versatile as I could wear it dressed down or dressed up. Pictures from the first set was taken using my LG G6 mobile phone and I was pleasantly surprised how well the pictures came out. I will be talking more about the phone in my next post. Till then, have fun!

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