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Mamonde Rose Water Toner – 5 ways to use it!

Beauty Products to buy in Korea

Beauty Products to buy in Korea

Beauty Products to buy in Korea

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I swear I used this for everything. I have a full size 250ml bottle as well as a travel size version and I am using it like magical water just short of drinking it. It is actually a hydrating and soothing toner that is made up of 90.89% rose extract but I have found 5 more ways to use it!

1) Cleaning lotion

Over cleansing your skin will dry it out thus when I feel a need to clean my face but it’s not time for a wash yet, I’ll soak a couple of cotton pads in Mamonde Rose Water Toner and use it to give my skin a gentle wipe to remove excess dirt.

2) Removing

When travelling, I’ll remove my makeup in flight right after I’ve boarded as I usually sleep through my flights. It’s not good to sleep with make up on! However I hate going into airplane toilets (so small and I read it’s full of germs!) and I don’t like ending up with a wet face and drenched top. So after using a makeup remover wipe to remove all my makeup, I’ll go in with cotton pads soaked with my travel size Mamonde Rose Water Toner to remove any remaining residue until I feel it’s clean enough for me to slap on my sleeping mask and tune off.

3) Soothing water

I enjoy hiking and beaching when on vacations but this meant sending my skin under the heat and torture of the great big fireball (the sun la). So I’ll pop my bottle of Mamonde Rose Water Toner into the fridge before patting on some of the toner over burnt areas, concentrating on my face, neck and shoulders. This helps cool down and soothe my skin instantly.

4) Aftershave lotion

I hate shaving as I often get shave-rash but society demands it so I always pat on some of the rose water as a first-step measure to prevent or reduce the potential occurrence of shave rash. It also helps to balance out the PH value of the skin, reducing rash breakouts.

5) Top tip! Cleaning melted makeup

Smudged eyeliner and mascara, blotchy foundation, caked makeup, ‘woopsy’ lipstick marks – if you are able to resonate with me on these, here’s your game changer. With the travel size bottle in my to-go makeup bag, I’ll dip in a Q-tip (I get those in the picture below from Miniso) and clean up the mess on the go. Because of it’s skin toning properties, zero oil and very low alcohol content, you can easily touch up your makeup right on top of the cleaned area.

Mamonde Rose Water Toner Review Popular Asia Beauty Blogger

Hope these tips have been useful to you! Let me know if you have more tips and ways you use your favourite toner!KBeauty

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