Mamonde Cushion Review
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Mamonde Flowers For Me Brightening Cover Powder Cushion

Mamonde Cushion Review

When I first saw the press information, I knew I had to get one myself for the gorgeous motif on the cushion over. Inspired by Mamonde’s bountiful garden of flowers located just outside Seoul, and the harmonious company of beautifully fluttering birds and butterflies, the brand’s limited edition ‘Flowers For Me’ festive collection invokes festive cheer and celebrates the true spirit of gifting to mark a good year’s end and usher in the start of a new one! Plus, at only S$64 for a gorgeous cushion cover and 2 lippies, to me it was a great steal.

Mamonde Cushion Review
Image from Mamonde

The set consists of

  • 1x MAMONDE Brightening Cover Powder Cushion [No.21N or 23N] 15g
  • 1x MAMONDE Creamy Tint Lip Balm Intense [No.5 Blooming Rose] 2.5g
  • 1x MAMONDE Creamy Tint Lip Balm Intense [No.11 Velvet Red] 2.5g

I will not be going into details about the lipsticks here as I will have a dedicated post about them. The limited edition version has a pale-gold metallic coating at the bottom and that is about the only difference. The formula is the same and as far as I know, No.5 and No. 11 are the 2 best selling colours in this range due to Park Shin Hye (She was using it on her drama “Pinnocchio” back in 2015.) The 2 shades that I have are No. 4 and No. 11.

It is my first time trying out a cushion cover from Mamonde and I never got the chance to test out my shade for the Brightening Cover Powder Cushion over the counter before purchasing. Since Mamonde and Laneige are sister brands, I figured I could base my selection on the shade that I am using for Laneige – No.23. It turned out just right for my skin tone. In fact, most Singaporean girls are either shade No.21 or 23 but if you are a super fair girl, you might be better off with shade No.17 which is not available in this collection. I would still get the set for the limited edition cover motif if I were you though 😛

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Mamonde Cushion Review

Unboxing Mamonde’s Brightening Cover Powder Cushion is similar to most cushion cover products. There is a good quality cushion sponge for fast and easy application and a sticker seal covering the product. At first glance, it reminded me of the old Laneige BB cushion cover before they revamped it into the 3D Skin Fit Cushion. Can I also say I’m in love with the matte pale gold rim around the cushion product?

I had recently came back from Vietnam and it was one of their coldest winters. The wind was harshly cold and I was under prepared so my skin had turned dry and sensitive while I was travelling. A riot broke out on my face after touching down in hot and humid Singapore so here’s bracing you for my super red and patchy face in the following skin-test pictures after the unboxing. I am pleasantly pleased with the coverage I got from Mamonde’s Brightening Cover Powder Cushion coverage though! I had only used a blurring primer and did not use any concealer in the skin-test shots. And if you think that my eyes look weird, that’s not a half-ass plastic surgery job. I had a ingrowth in my right eye (in the photos, it’s the left eye) that made it swell with darkened the skin-tone around the area. Still waiting for my appointment with the eye-specialist to find out what’s happening.

MAMONDE Brightening Cover Powder Cushion Mamonde Cushion Review Asian Beauty Blogger MAMONDE Brightening Cover Powder Cushion Mamonde Cushion Review

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Plain face with moisturiser and some blurring primer so I don’t scare you away with my humongous pores.
MAMONDE Brightening Cover Powder Cushion
Half-face with Mamonde’s Brightening Cover Powder Cushion on the left.
MAMONDE Brightening Cover Powder Cushion
Full face with Mamonde’s Brightening Cover Powder Cushion

Clearly, this is a medium to full coverage formula that is easy to build up for more coverage without any heavy sticky feeling. The powder cushion gives you a beautiful velvet finish and there is absolutely no need to powder after. In fact, I would advise to avoid patting on any powder as it might cause the foundation to cake up and dry your skin. The formula resembles a better version of Etude House’s Real Powder Cushion, which I found cakes up too easily and accentuates pores. Mamonde’s Brightening Cover Powder Cushion contains more moisture, covers up pores effectively and gives you a seamless finish. This is not surprising since Mamonde is a floral inspired skin care and beauty brand. It’s Brightening Cover Powder Cushion is infused with restorative Peach Flower powder and hydrating Narcissus plant bulbs ingredients to provide a hydrating coverage.

In terms of wearing power, the product cakes up around the eye area after 2 to 3 hours of wearing but I easily solved that by touching up with my 2-way foundation powder. The non-greasy formula is REAL as I could last at least 4 hours before finding the need to blot my face (I usually need to blot my skin within first 2 hours leaving my house.) Other than issues around the under-eye area and caking around my nose area due to peeling skin, the product is otherwise pretty long-wearing at 8 hours minimum. For touch-ups, you can simply use the same powder cushion. I would recommend the Mamonde Brightening Cover Powder Cushion for oily combination skin that needs sebum-control properties in their foundation without compromising hydration. If you find that your foundation tends to slide during the super hot and humid summer seasons, give this smudge-resistant powder cushion a go 😉

By the way, do you know that Mamonde Singapore is now available on Amazon Prime Now via the mobile app? In case you’ve ran out of your favorite floral-inspired beauty products, get a replacement delivered right to your doorstep within an hour! This Christmas, Mamonde is also having exclusive Holiday edition sets at up to 60% off on Lazada so you can stock up on your floral goodness and ring in the new year with awesome looking skin!

By now you might be wondering what I’m going to do with the 2 limited edition Flowers for Me Mamonde’s Creamy Tint Lip Balm – well, here’s a #QYXmas2017 giveaway for the set below! Giveaway runs from 3 Dec to 10 Dec, visit this link for more information.

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  2. What beautiful packaging it comes in and it covers so well.

    1. Indeed Annamarie. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. wow! i’ve never tried mamonde makeup products other than the rose water? [I cant really remember because it’s quite long ago] but it seemed to be very good as seen from pictures and reviews! i like your blog alot because it’s veey detailed and also the picture quality is good too! keep up the good work hehe ???

    1. Thank you Hui Min! The rose water is soon good, have you read my blog post about it? You can try their Flower Pop Brick eyeshadow too – soft and easy to use.

  4. Hope to try this powder cushion! Looks good on you too ? thank you for the giveaway!

    1. Thanks for taking part!

  5. Hello Qi Yun!

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time but I have never left any comment in this space before (Because I’m this lazy to type hahahaha). So here is my very first comment here as I’m joining your Christmas giveaway hahaha >.<

    I'm totally in love with the packaging of the cushion! Looking oriental and it's so exquisite! In fact I have just sent this link to my friend to give them some hints on my Christmas wishlist hyiak hyiak!

    1. Awwwww warms my heart to hear this. I am currently working on a Christmas beauty gift guide as I’m typing this, you can use it to hint hint your friends too 😛

    2. btw Qi Yun, my email address is, just in case you need it!

  6. Love your blog.

    I like the good coverage of the Mamonde’s Brightening Cover Powder Cushion. I am so convinced to buy one now.

    My IG : pangcarrie . Followed Fb . My Fb : Carrie Jingfang

    1. Thank you dear! I think you snag the Christmas LE coz it’s really pretty!

  7. I haven’t tried Mamonde yet but I’m really tempted now after reading your blog. The coverage looks good & natural and the cushion cover packaging is so pretty for a girly girl who loves floral design like myself. With this pretty cushion, I can proudly touch up my makeup outside or simply just to beautify my dressing table, I feel like a princess already! ??

    1. Haha yes totally agree that this can be a total eye candy on the vanity table!

  8. Very nice packaging ! The texture similar to Laneige cushion?

    1. Nope it is different. It is more like a better version of Etude House Powder Cushion. I actually mentioned these in the post 😛

  9. It’s so nice. From the packaging and the coverage. ?

    1. Btw, I’m joining your christmas giveaway. There are so many cosmetics you are giving. Thank you.
      My email :

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  11. Totally in love with their packaging and you looked nice and natural with their cushion^^ Never try products from Mamonde before. Maybe I should consider it for my next shopping list!

    1. Yes you should! They sometimes have discounts on Lazada so you can keep a lookout 😉

      1. Yessssss I will consider about it!!!! Btw, my email address is and instagram id is @liewmona. Love your photos on instagram!

  12. Never tried Mamonde cushion foundation but looks awesome! You can’t go wrong with that cute packaging design!

  13. I am using this as well!! Am loving it

  14. I really fall in love with momande product ?

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