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New Year Resolution 1,2 & 3


I make it a point to spend the whole first month of every year to carefully think about my New Year Resolutions, setting the stage in January for the rest of the year. I am really lagging behind, some may say, but for a month to dictate how the next 11 months should go, I think it is a mandatory fair amount of time. Besides, how resolute can a New Year resolution be if you have only thought about it for a day?

Learning Nepali onlineLearn Nepali 

Ever since my return from Nepal, I’ve been missing the country every single day. The scenery, the people, the opportunities. I came across this phrase somewhere on the net that sounds like this: Things you can bring with you where ever you go :  Knowledge, Character, Heart, Memories, Language (I’ve kind of added some I thought will be useful). Language is the window to people, learning their language gives you a place among them. I’ve found a useful site for self-learning on how to speak Nepali. Now all I have to do is to maintain the determination to learn 1 Nepali word a day.


Return to Nepal in Oct/ Nov

Return to Nepal in Oct/Nov 2013

This time I’ld want to get closer to the Himalayan Valley/ Range, see some Yaks and put my newly acquired language to the test then.

By then I would have more ideas about what to do in Nepal, till then, the aim is to just get the tickets.




To be revealed 

Take better care of my skin and treat myself better.

Frankly I am a very stingy person. And when it comes to myself, I am hopelessly stingy. Eg. I’ll wait till my face’s oozing pus before I’ll go for a facial so I’ll ‘make the most’ out of the session though I know very well it’s not beneficial to my skin at all. I dun’t mind eating bread everyday, but that’s not gonna help me with my skin and myself.




Go Church Camp

It’s a no-fail must go. I didn’t go last year and with all my busy schedules I am already back sliding. (Update: I’ve booked my dates and will be in Church Camp 17 – 22 June. Yippe yay!)





5Continue with Wushu

Keep fit, keep healthy, keep going!







Do at least 3 PAID Courses

Teaching is the best occupation anyone can have. You grow while growing others 🙂 Of course, I need to eat and earn, so must collect money lar..







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