Bucket List

  1. Run in a field of Sunflowers
  2. Have a house by the sea
  3. Own properties in 30 different countries
  4. Own an island
  5. Visit Japan
  6. Go Mexico
  7. Learn horse riding
  8. Go Nepal – DONE!
  9. Learn Nepalese
  10. Go Hai Nan
  11. Go Europe again
  12. Stay in another country for half a year
  13. Cover the whole of Australia on a RV
  14. Own a Zoo / Safari with awesome animal welfare
  15. Have a dog
  16. Have a parrot
  17. Have a horse
  18. Own a horse stable
  19. Hug my mom
  20. Buy a landed property with a big garden for my parents
  21. Play Volleyball
  22. Practice Wushu till old
  23. Compete in the Wushu/ Tai Chi nationals again. Get a Gold
  24. Be with Shawn forever
  25. Everyday wake up with Shawn beside me
  26. Take good care of Shawn
  27. Have at least 3 chefs in the house to take care of the meals
  28. Have at least 3 maids to do all the cleaning in the house
  29. Build & own a world class hotel
  30. Go on a missionary trip every year
  31. Formulate & create self-sustainable communities in Africa & provide for the hungry children
  32. Eradicate hunger in the world
  33. Lie on my hammock and watch the clouds go by
  34. Own chains of multi-label fashion brands
  35. Have a dance studio and dance instructors. It’s open for public use.
  36. Bring my parents & Shawn’s parents for a cruise
  37. Bring Shawn’s father to Arctic
  38. Travel around the world with Shawn and help him build his Vinco Global
  39. To be like Richard Brandson and own many many companies
  40. To be able to have meetings in my island lounge
  41. To be able to give all my employees a time to retreat every year
  42. To ran wild with my horse on the Mongolian glass plains
  43. To be able to climb trees and swing from one tree to another!
  44. To ran through a sunflower field
  45. To act in a movie
  46. To stay fit and healthy by exercising at least 3 times a week
  47. Help Shawn achieve his dreams
  48. Go watch Aurora with Shawn
  49. Swim on the dead sea lake
  50. Bring my parents to any country they want
  51. Retire to Amsterdam/ Spain
  52. Go Turkey
  53. Set up businesses in China
  54. Build old folks home and orphanage in a single place
  55. Own healthy & delicious food eateries
  56. My family’s salvation
  57. Shawn’s family salvation
  58. Jessica’s & Yina’s salvation
  59. Own many successful online stores
  60. Sing on a stage again
  61. To plan a wedding Shawn will always remember
  62. To stay in a palace for a month!
  63. To take photos with Barack Obama, Richard Brandson and Mark Zackerburg
  64.  To own a Qi Yun building – different from the hotel
  65. To bring the world class hotel brand to all over the world
  66. To own a toy company creating toys & robot with high AI
  67. To go to Space
  68. To inspire students and people by giving talks
  69. To be able to sit beside my parents for a whole day without the need to exchange a single word
  70. To help my brother find a good wife
  71. To help May find a good husband
  72. To help Yina & Jessica find a good husband
  73. To build a top notch Martial Arts academy in Singapore
  74. Dance for & with Shawn everyday
  75. To have a beautiful swing in my backyard
  76. To be able to have high tea with pretty cupcakes, cakes, scorns, sandwiches and great tasting tea with my girlfriends
  77. To own a blog
  78. To own a company/ business blog
  79. To stay connected with all my employees as much as possible even with so many companies around the world.
  80. To visit Facebook Academy
  81. To visit other companies in US
  82. To go Philippines
  83. To go Brazil and soak in the Culture
  84. To being 1 person to Church and convert them every month
  85. To be the number 1 Social Media Engagement company in Singapore & Asia
  86. To lie down with a lion by my side with no fear
  87. To visit the Grand Canyon
  88. To visit the Niagara falls
  89. To visit the Heaven’s Gate in China
  90. To visit the places where Avatar was shot
  91. To write books on Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Life & God
  92. To design jewelry and own jewelry brands all over the world
  93. To be able to lie in bed the whole day with Shawn
  94. To have a room dedicated to painting & creating artworks
  95. To teach people how to make great stuffs
  96. To have my own house where I can splash paint & have as many dogs as I want!
  97. To help the stray animals and give them a home
  98. To jump on a trampoline. Best if I have one in my Backyard
  99. To have a boxing bag at home
  100. To be able to do splits even when I am 90 years old
  101. To have the discipline to read the bible everyday and finish reading it
  102. Have a beach/garden wedding. I just want something different
  103. To have my birthday celebrated by all who love me and all who I love
  104. Own farms
  105. Go Egypt and see the Pyramids
  106. Swim with the Dolphins
  107. Go hiking once a month
  108. Work around different companies, Google, Facebook, Zappos etc.
  109. Learn fashion design


and the list continues

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