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#SMWsg 2013 Fired off to a Great Start at Raffles Hotel and the Reading Room

Missed the first day of the Social Media Week in Singapore? Here’s a quick catchup before you head out to day 2 of Big Data, Love , and Growing Up 😉

Hosted by AKA Asia, I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Wright while searching for the rather well hidden non-resident lift to the Ballroom. AKA Asia was approached by the US Social Media Week organizers to host the event in Singapore last year, and they are on it again this time. For those who managed to secure a seat for the Keynote, we’ve got a book by Reid Hoffman, so-founder and chairmain of Linkedin and Ben Casnocha titled  ‘the start-up of you’ – all in lowercaps.

Social Media Week Singapore
A door gift #SMWsg
Another interesting item in the bag to note – a lipgloss by Luxola.com . To the men who got this, let me know what you did with it.
The Raffles Hotel Grand Ballroom door opened at 10am to the Keynote by Damien Cummings from Samsung Asia and Laura Balkovich from Google. Laura’s topic focus for the keynote was about Google+ and Google hangout, which some great insights and case studies on how people are using it for businesses, personal, social & political causes.

Laura’s presentation was highly engaging with lots of videos to show. One video that left a great impression was how a photographer  ‘brought’ a bed-ridden lady out for a day. With his DSLR connected to his mobile phone, the photographer walked through the forest and used Google Hangout to share his view from the walk, going closer to any particular object when requested. To a lady who havent been out her entire life, it was ‘a day out’ experience.
If you are in a business where skills and expertise plays a major role, inviting your fans to a Google hangout for a ‘live’ showcase of the production process of your products could help your customers (and non customers) appreciate your work and products.
Own a Factory? Why not start a Google Hangout and invite fans from all over the world to take a ‘live guided tour’ of your factory? I’m personally intrigued by how things are made and am sure there are many others like me. (I’ve always wanted to find out how air conditioners are made and how it works! Right now, it’s still magic to me.)
You teach? Have a skill to impart?  Then choose a topic and start a Google Hangout, teaching and answering questions Live on Air!
Next up as Damien as he talks about ‘Why you are failing in Social Media’
Damien noted a interesting point that the older generations grew up with a certain level of privacy. Conversations are more likely to stay within their circle of trust and with film cameras, photos are more likely to be shared to only family and friends or kept under the bed. However, in today’s digital world, conversations may go viral online as status feeds and discussions are posted and shared digitally. Even mobile phone messages are not spared with phones having the capability to capture screenshots.The older generations grew up with a certain level of privacy. My generation knew anonymity, until social networks came along. But as we are seeing parents creating Facebook accounts for their new-borns and posting baby photos and (golden poop) updates online, children born in the digital generations will not be able to enjoy this anonymity. Whether it’s for good or for the bad, only time will tell.

On a more positive note, Damien shared how Samsung won on a Facebook conversation with Shane Bennett last year with a clever reply.
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