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Becasse Bakery ION Orchard

OHAYO EVERYONE! *Cough cough, Sweeps off cobwebs* 😛 Sorry that I’ve left this place to pick up some dust and cobwebs- I’ve been focusing my time mainly on Instagram for the past few months, updating once or twice everyday, occasionally giving short reviews and enjoying my new found company with gorgeous ladies from the amazing IG community. I’ve even done a few overseas swaps and boy do I love EVERY SINGLE THING I’ve got from these swaps – basically I get to reach my hands out to beauty brands that we can’t get in Singapore – eg. the lovely Chantecaille, the gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury and awesome drugstore brands like Australis and Milani … all too gorgeous to describe. So if you haven’t yet followed me on IG , NOW’S THE TIME TO DO SO ->  instagram



I’ve also recently got back from a super impromptu trip to Japan, which I’ll be talking and vlogging about it when I’m ready 🙂 For now, let’s get back proper on the topic for today – ION INSIDER PREVIEW! I remembered I was in Tokyo when I received this invitation, it just made Tokyo even more magical 😛

Ion Insider Becasse


The setting for our first meet-up couldn’t be better. I’ve always wanted to try Becasse Bakery but always got pulled to the more familiar marmalade pantry which is just right below. For readers here, I say this fresh new option is worth giving a chance.

Becasse Orchard Ion
A nice classy entrance greets you from the outside

A french inspired luxury brand, BécasseBakery is under the family of Australia F&B brand , Jones the Grocer. It has its origins in high-end artisan patisserie and bakery, with no lack of all-day-breakfast favourites on the menu.  It’s setting is simple and unassuming with a minimalistic black and white theme, but the serve-wear and gorgeous display of cakes, wines and patisseries adds a good pinch of class to the whole cafe’s atmosphere. Great for business meetings, friends gatherings and even a first date 😉

Simple and classy display - let the paterrise do the decorating
Simple and classy display – Becasse lets the patisseries do the decorating

If it’s almost lunch time or you are just simply hungry, I’ld advise you not to continue reading until you’ve had your fill, coz everything from here on are nothing but generous gastronomical goodness 😉

French inspired luxury brand, Bécasse,
One of the most gorgeous High Tea Set I’ve ever had – A good mix of Bécasse savoury and sweet favourites from the Chef’s picks

On the Palette

High tea Sweet:
Raspberry and Chocolate feuilletine
Banana tart with salted peanuts
Scones served with jam + crème fraiche
Macarons: salted caramel (in Blue) & coconut-pineapple (In White and Yellow)
Hazelnut cappuccino crème pot

High tea Savoury:
Crab rillettes on baby lettuce
Foie gras mousse toast
King crab brioche sandwich

Being the sweets kind of person in the morning, I naturally reached out for the fine looking cakes and cuter (usually means sweeter) items on the palette to form my own colourful plate of morning delights

Becasse Bakery
Afternoon High Tea, Available from 3pm to 6pm

My picks from top left to bottom left in clockwise direction:

Hazelnut cappuccino crème pot
Raspberry and Chocolate Feuilletine
Foie gras mousse toast
A little piece of the Mixed berry French toast, served with poached pear &  fresh ricotta

I’ve also tried 

Salted caramel Macaron
Coconut-pineapple Macaron

Becasse Orchard
My picks from the High Tea Spread

Hazelnut cappuccino crème pot

True to it’s name, this is a little pot of soft creamy goodness. The first dig in gave me a spoon of Cappuccino mousse, light for the tongue and gentle down the throat. The coffee flavour was just right and I wouldn’t mind this coupled with a latte for a extra perk me up 😀

Digging deeper lies the gold. If you love Nutella, this must be the breakfast gold you have been looking for. A thick swirl of creamy hazelnut chocolate that is worthy enough for a day of coarse voice afterwards ;P It’s the kind you’ld want to continue playing and swirling it around the tongue just to get all the great chocolaty taste out before swallowing down the rest of the heavy ‘throat destroying’ creme.

With two really contrasting flavours in one pot, it makes perfect sense to simply give a little swirl and have them both together as one pot of Hazelnut Cappuccino Creme. Sadly, I got a tad sick of the heavy flavours and gave up the remaining quarter. For those who love unforgiving hearty chocolate and enjoy desserts heavy on the taste bud, this is for you.

My Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5) 

Raspberry and Chocolate Feuilletine 

Ion Orchard
Raspberry and Chocolate feuilletine

This was my first pick from the palette. No, I didn’t pick it – I snatched it. It was an instant crush! Red and Gold might sound like CNY to you but pairing a red macaron with sparkly gold icing, this baby is irresistible. From bottom up, it is layers of crispy feuilletine base, raspberry jelly, rich chocolate cream, heavenly chocolate fudge, another thick layer of rich chocolate cream, the layer of golden sparking icing that’s perfectly glossed and last but not least, a (artfully cracked) half macaron to complete the masterpiece. I’m sure Picasso would approve of this.

All these layers of different textures sent me momentarily to bliss village with every fork. Not too rich, not too sweet, just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness from this divine concoction of Rich Chocolate and Raspberry.

I finished it all and didn’t share. Go get one yourself  😛

My Rating: 5.5  Stars (out of 5) 


Foie gras mousse toast

This was the only savoury piece that I picked, mainly our of pity at first. Most of this little piece of pastry was sitting on the palettes by the end of the session, I guess none of the girls dared try Foie Gras knowing what it is.  There’s no reason to say no to exotic delicacies like this and have tried Foie Gras on several occasions, but this little one got me a tad confused as I didn’t exactly realised – it’s a mousse de foie gras.

Firstly, it really does look like Foie Gras from it’s outer appearance. However, when I moved my knife through it, the knife simply slid through and the would be two halved piece of liver was.. smashed. Still bewildered, I did a scoop instead. The taste was incredible, nothing like the bloc de foie gras I’ve tasted before. A little research back home made me realise this is the mousse de foie gras, a cold dish made with low-heat preparation. To me, it’s like the delicacy of the delicacy.

The mousse simply melted in contact with my tongue and turned into a delicately rich buttery texture that tasted more of sweet than savoury (see my eyes naturally pick everything that’s sweet.) Using the rest as a spread on the simple thin piece of toast, it was like the best tasting butter & toast.

After having it, it’s a pity the rest of the ladies didn’t try this.

My Rating: 6  Stars (out of 5) 


The Macarons

Becasse Ion Orchard
Coconut-Pineapple Macaron

Call me biased but I’m just gonna skip the Red Macaron ( not too sure what it is but it was on the extreme sweet side) and the Blue Salted Caramel Macaron and head straight to this lovely duo-Macaron.

Whoever came up with this pairing must be a genius and Becasse made it even more delightful. This particular flavour stood out with it’s refreshing taste which you won’t usually get with other macarons. I could taste a hint of lime within that probably gave it it’s unique taste. If Macarons are Paris, then this is Paris in fresh morning spring air.

My Rating: 4.5  Stars (out of 5) 


Becasse Bakery
Mixed berry French toast, served with poached pear & fresh ricotta

As this serving was shared among the girls, I only got a small slice of this toast, almost none of the ricotta and a whole chunk of the poached pear so this review might not do this dish justice.

The toast was a little dry which I reckon is supposed to be consumed together with the toast. As the dish was passed around for photo-taking, the toast might have became soft after some time, so this dish is best consumed fast. I couldn’t get past the idea of having my toast with a slice of pear at first, but this poached pear was of a good texture and delightfully sweet to match with the toast. I believe the pear was poached with wine, as there was a hint of alcohol in it (please anyone, correct me if I am wrong).

My Rating: 3 Stars (out of 5) 

French Cafe
Egg royal, served with smoked salmon, baked spinach & Hollandaise sauce

Eggs Benedict, Eggs Royal, Poached Eggs…anyway you call it, it is still delightful and always makes a awesome breakfast – provided the eggs are well treated.

One of my biggest delight in having Egg Royals is to be able to make a slit in one of the egg and watch the bright liquid yolk flow out. The other, is meant to be slid whole into the mouth for a spectacular fireworks like burst of yellow sparks, followed by a eyes-closed, cheeks raised moment of contentment. None of these would happen with this Egg Royal, as the yolk was over done and orange with little runny parts left to salvage.

Eggs aside, the rest of the dish with the smoked salmon, awesomely generous amount of baked spinach and hollandaise sauce was a saving grace. If you love vegetables in your bread, this is the bakery that knows how to do it well. The spinach was soft and splendid with no harsh strands of fiber. On the whole, even with the disappointing eggs Benedict, Becasse still managed to make tastier Eggs Royal than some over-rated cafes out there 🙂

My Rating: 3.5 Stars (out of 5) 


Croque Madame, on brioche bread served with truffle oil baked eggs

Becasse Ion
Croque Madame, on brioche bread served with truffle oil baked eggs with Chamomile Tea

The Truffle Oil Baked Eggs is hands down the BEST I’ve ever tried! Being disappointed by truffle promised items by other cafes before, it is un-assuring enough for me to be able to smell it. I NEED to be able to taste it.

This baby is coated with a generous amount of Truffle oil that you can see from the sides and top. The eggs are truly baked with enough truffle oil to for the great awesome truffle taste THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY TASTE! 😀 Crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside, I urge every truffle lover to give this dish a shot.

The Croque Madame paired up well with it’s match too. Layered with lighted pan butter toasted bread, ham and melted cheese, this is a must try on the all-day-breakfast menu. If you ever do try this dish, go ahead and dip the Madame Croque into the Truffle Oil Baked Eggs for a moist delightful finish. That’s why they don’t serve you a spoon with this dish.

My Rating: 5.5 Stars (out of 5) 

Croque Madame, on brioche bread served with truffle oil baked eggs
Croque Madame, on brioche bread served with truffle oil baked eggs


Pulled chicken crepe, served with fresh spinach & wild mushrooms

Becasse Ion Orchard
Pulled chicken crepe, served with fresh spinach & wild mushrooms

Once again, I’m happy to be served with more fresh produce in the morning, especially Popeye’s favourite energy giving spinach and tasty wild mushroom! With Toby’s Estate proving that sautéed mushrooms CAN go wrong, I am pleased to report that there’s nothing wrong within this dish 🙂

Don’t forget to have your crepe with the fresh spinach and mushrooms all the way to the end though, as having it alone can be a tad dry.

My Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5) 


And, here’s a photo of all the beautiful  ‘batch-girls’ 🙂 It was a pity I could not speak and get to know everyone of the them in depth, but it was a great experience together nonetheless 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 4.56.28 AM


Finally, I’ld give Becasse a overall 4.5/5 review and would definitely come back again for more! Comfortably air-conditioned, clean and not as crowded as cafes, this classy little stand may just be my new favourite hideout 🙂 Thank you Ion Orchard for this invite and hosting us! Watch out! More Ion Insider posts will be coming your way 🙂

BÉCASSE BAKERY is located at  ION Orchard, #04-27 – 32.

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