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20 Lessons for the ’20 Years Later Me’

Dear 47 year old me,

It has been 20 years. Many things may have changed and you may have grown wiser (or sillier). But still, smile and read the next 20 lessons written by the 27 year old you, without judgement, with a open heart and as though you’ve never seen or heard them before.

20 lessons to the 20 years later me

1) Knowledge is power at any age.  Like a plant that dies the moment it stops growing, keep learning and keep growing.

2) If you haven’t jogged/ swim or practise your wushu routine in awhile,  get into your sports attire. The rewards are usually far greater than the procrastination.

3) If you haven’t learned to speak Nepalese, do it now. Never a better time to start than now.

4) If you have, after 24 years of striving hard for your business without success,  keep striving, never give up.  For the only real failure is when you stop trying.

5) If you never ask, the answer is always no.

6) You move faster as an individual,  but last longer as a group. Never think that you can do everything alone. Seek help and accept help.

7) Your body may have changed but your heart and mind hasn’t. Youth is not a number but an attitude. Do what you love. Continue to pursue what you want. 

8) Aim to travel 2 times a year. Get out of your comfort zone, make new friends, face new challenges, gain new experiences and challenge your perspectives

9) Keep your promises.  If you can’t,  always repay in another way.

10) Love your country more than your house, for without a country, there’s no home.

11) Time to refresh yourself on your current policies and get a new insurance policy.

12) Keep wearing sunscreen. Aim to look the same way you did 20 years ago.

13) Give freely. Take generously.  Givers need takers as much as the other way round.

14) Eat more greens and colours (sweets not included.) Health is the only true wealth.

15) The past is over. The future is unknown. The present is your legend in making. Keep moving forward, don’t slow down.

16) Even the thinnest piece of paper has 2 sides. You can choose which side to write on. Be grateful for every little thing and enjoy the sun, mountains, trees and ocean.

17) Don’t stop buying skincare and makeup.  You look so good now because you had them for the past 20 years.

18) Appreciate that seriously balding man holding your hands walking down the street with you, the same way he did 20 years ago, walking down the church wedding alsie with you, 25 years of walking hand in hand beside you, and 28 years of smiles, friendship and companionship. Not all men will indulge in your impromptu living, impulsive being and impatient nature. He may not be a perfect man,  but he’s the perfect one.

19) Now might be a good time to write a letter to your 67 year self and your 87 year old self.

20) Above all, stay close in your walk with God, for He is the one who blessed you for all things above.

26 year me


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