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Gamifying Your Food Hunt – Ehbuzz

This newly launched platform features a simple interface for food lovers to share and find pictures, reviews and ratings of their favourite food places.

For those who simply love discovering new places to makan and are open to a wide variety of food, you might like ehbuzz’s unique interface. The first thing you’ll notice upon entering is page full of food and restaurant pictures. Each of these images are screaming for your attention, calling for you to visit them on the website and in real life. Simple select the image which attracts you the most and wola! You now have a new food place to explore.


Spot something you love? Just click on it to explore more.  

Ehbuzz also allows you to zoom in to your preferred choices so that you can satisfy your cravings easily. Feel like having Korean food today? Just type in ‘Korean’ in the search bar and a list of Korean food locations await you.

EHbuzz review

Take your pick of Korean delights

ehbuzz blogger

Instead of exploring by food locations, you can also explore by food images. 

As a reviewer, ehbuzz stands out because of its gamified platform. Food reviewers are called gourmet hunters, and like many games, each hunter has an experience level and progress bar. The more you review, the higher your level gets. I’m guessing there would be tangible benefits for high level hunters. For one, a higher hunter level might give you more opportunities for food media invitations

Each restaurant/food place is called an outlet, and like many other food review platforms, you can add your own food reviews (called buzz in ehbuzz) and photos to the outlet.



Check out what’s buzzing at the Gutedama Cafe!

ehbuzz review

Reviews for another restaurant found in ehbuzz

ehbuzz review

The buzz rating helps you decide if the restaurant will be worth your while

If food isn’t your thing, ehbuzz has plans to expand into the Beauty and Tech review areas. You can specialise in one area or spread your reviews out in all 3, depending on your interest. ehbuzz has even provided a nifty radar chart for you to track your progress in each of these 3 areas.

EH buzzreview

I’m now a level 4 gourmet!

To increase your hunter level in your chosen area of expertise, take up missions and earn badges. Most of these missions are in-line with the reviewing process, such as posting a specific number of photos or introducing a certain number of outlets. Each completed mission earns you a badge, which you can proudly wear in your profile. I have a feeling there might be ‘event missions’ in the future, allowing hunters to earn special badges. That’ll be pretty fun and adds a whole new dimension to the usual gourmet/beauty/tech reviewing process.


Ehbuzz review

Climbing the ranks, one badge at a time


Do check out This newly launched site has potential to become a powerful community portal and I’m looking forward to its progress.

This post is a paid post. However, all opinions are of my own.

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