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3rific Skincare Review

I always get a sense of pride when reviewing products from a local brand. It makes me feel that on this small little red dot, we’ve got inspiring innovators and I get to contribute a tiny part to their success!

A Singapore brand with products sourced and made in Japan, 3RIFIC is about Purity, Simplicity and Efficacy. Currently, the creators have focused their resources on only 3 products and in this post I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experience on their 2 best sellers, the 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil and Radiance Revitalising Cream.

3RIFIC Radiance Revitalizing Cream


3RIFIC Premium Face Oil

I started using oils on my face 4 years ago after discovering the benefit of oils. Similar to consumable oils, there are good oils and bad oils – the right facial oil can provide a protective barrier over your skin to prevent loss of moisture. With combination skin, I am very careful when selecting facial oils as the wrong type of oil can cause clogging and breakouts. It has to be lightweight, non-greasy and fast to absorb, with focus on oil control and repairing.  Thus when it comes to oils, the ingredients, texture and formulation are very important.

3RIFIC Premium Face Oil is made with 99% natural and 85.5% certified organic ingredients, boasting an impressive number of 11 bio-active oils in 1 bottle. These oils have great anti-oxidant, anti-aging, moisturising and repairing properties for the skin. One of the ingredients, Lupine Seed extract, also contains collagen 1 synthesis for skin firming and contouring. Some of my favorite ingredients include Baobab oil which is rich in vitamins and Omega Fatty Acids, Sweet Almond oil that is known as a natural skin defense against UV radiation damage as well as Evening Primrose oil and Rose de Mei Water that helps even skin tone and calm sensitive skin. It is worthwhile to note that these bottles are produced in small batches to ensure optimal freshness and maximum active efficiency (which also means lesser preservatives in your product)!

On unboxing, I felt like I was holding onto a haute beauty brand with it’s champagne coloured oil housed in a beautiful frosted glass bottle. The bottle comes with a dropper for precise and hygienic control on the amount of drops of oil to use. On first meeting with 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil, I was a little taken aback by the scent. My long-time readers would know that I have a keen sense of smell and the way a product is scented affects my motivation to use it. While it was not outright pungent, it was not fragrant as well. So I went back to check with the ingredient list and gave myself a little facepalm- well of course! 3rific Premium Face Oil is formulated without synthetic fragrances and what I am breathing in is the all-natural. The product is also formulated without parabens, mineral oil, synthetic color and animal-testing. The smell was easy to get used to and I quickly grew fonder and more appreciative of the natural scent.

3rific Skincare review

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3rific Skincare review

For application, I warmed up the oil by rubbing my palms together then applied the products in a pressing motion around my face. I start from the driest part of my skin (my forehead) downwards to the cheeks, jawline and (not forgetting) the neck. I never forget my neck. The warmth helps with better product absorption and makes me feel relaxed and ready for the next time. 

At the beginning, I was cautious about the amount of new oil I am introducing to my skin and thus used only about 2 drops each time. It has been some time since I last used a oil-based product so this gives my skin some time to get used to the new routine. I have oily-combination skin and thus used 3rific’s Premium Face Oil right after my toner to help with sebum-control and oil balancing. If you have dry skin, you should use this product as a final step of your skincare routine to ‘lock-in’ moisture from your other products. The product absorbed quickly and easily thanks to it’s lightweight texture. I actually felt like I was applying a watery serum or essential oils as there was absolutely no oily after. I’m impressed! From the third day onwards, I found myself skipping my daily serum and using 4 to 5 drops of oil instead.

Read on to find out my thoughts 3 weeks later 🙂

3RIFIC Radiance Revitalizing Cream

You may have noticed that Japanese skincare products are now heading into the ‘fermented’ trend. Being made in Japan, 3RIFIC has hopped into the bandwagon for very good reasons. The process of fermentation naturally enhances ingredients nutritional value and breaks down active ingredients into even smaller molecules allowing their nutrients and minerals to be absorbed more rapidly into the skin. Fermented products are also typically richer in anti-oxidants that are beneficial to the skin.

3RIFIC Radiance Revitalizing Cream

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Similar to 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil, I am equally impressed with the ingredient list in 3RIFIC Radiance Revitalizing Cream. Containing 12 botanical plants, 3RIFIC has sourced amazing ingredients from all over the world to produce their best moisturising cream. One of their key ingredients Haskap berries is a new and potent superfood from Hokkaido, Japan. It is rich in antioxidant and vitamins to help restore skin hydration and radiance. The product also contains high-tech Apple and Argan stem cells for anti-aging effect with proven clinical studies (image below). Not losing out to its Premium Face Oil, the cream also contains skin-loving botanical oils such as Jojoba Oil, avocado oil and soybean oil. 3RIFIC Radiance Revitalizing Cream contains 85.4% naturally derived ingredients and does not contain parabens, mineral oil, synthetic color and harmful chemicals. There is also no animal-testing.

The packaging is uncannily similar to my Chanel cream products but I have no issues about it – it makes my vanity table looks classy and prestige. I wish the lid could be easier to manage though, opening and closing a new jar requires technique but the process got smoother later on (no idea why!). I found the texture quite interesting as it looks slightly inconsistent in the jar – similar to homemade yogurt. However when I scooped it up onto my fingers, it stayed in place with a soft cream + jelly texture. I had 2 more surprises from here. 1- Given the ingredient list and how it’s heavily promoted as a anti-aging cream, I had expected it to be a thick consistency. The cream turned out to be a smooth cream and gel in-between type of texture. It also melts into the skin, giving it an immediate supple feeling. 2- Given its lighter texture, I thought I had to use more on the face to keep it well hydrated. After some use, I realized that a little could go a long way and my jar of 3RIFIC Radiance Revitalizing Cream would last longer than I had initially thought.


Done with first impressions, here are my thoughts after 3 weeks of use

I used 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil and Radiance Revitalizing Cream daily, day and night for 3 weeks before penning this review. At the beginning, I incorporated 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil into my skincare routine without switching out my serum and replaced my daily cream moisturizer to 3RIFIC Radiance Revitalizing Cream. I later found the face oil to be really moisturising without any discomfort, greasy after-feel and breakouts so I completely switched out my serum and increased from 2 drop to 4 to 5 drops. I was having some post-travel skin sensitivity after my trip back from Penang and found the reparative properties really helpful in stabilizing my skin condition preventing potential breakouts. I also found that my makeup goes on smoother and as my skin is more plump with lesser dry patches. When I know that I’ll be spending the whole day in air-conditioned places, I’ll add 1 to 2 drops of 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil into my foundation to make it more moisturising and longer-lasting without caking up.

At the end of 3 weeks, I also saw a significantly firmer skin that is less prone to irritation with a nice natural glow! In fact, even though I had put on some weight from all the good food I had in Penang, I noticed a slightly more defined jawline and improvements in my laugh lines below the eye area. As I had used both products together, it’s hard to tell which product contributed the most to my new and improved skin. I can only say that both works hand in hand, with the facial oil giving my skin all the vitamins and nutrients it needs while the revitalising cream locks in all the goodness and moisture while firming up my skin at the same time.

The biggest beauty about 3RIFIC’s products is how it can suit just about anyone. If you are the time-starved type of user or just having a lazy day, I find these 2 products sufficient for minimal maintenance. There are a few nights when I actually skipped my toner as I was so tired and I didn’t notice any difference the next morning 😛 If you are a skincare power-user like myself with 5 to 10 steps routine, the light to medium consistency of the Face Oil and Revitalising Cream meant that you can easily add or substitute them into your skincare routine.

The 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil retails at S$91 and the 3RIFIC Radiance Revitalising Cream retails at S$93. However, you can actual purchase both products at just S$165 (Radiant Kit) which I would highly recommend. Both products are indeed more pricey than your average skincare but we should also keep in mind that many of the ingredients used in the product formulation are premium and organic, sourced from around the world. The products are also made in Japan using their latest (and time-consuming) extraction and fermentation technology to give you better efficacy and results. Lastly, let’s also support local brands shall we? J

Quick update after 6 weeks of use: Even after the trial period, I found myself still reaching out to both products and even brought them along on my trip to Bangkok. In fact, my Radiance Revitalising cream will be emptied in approximate another 2 weeks, so I would say 1 tub should last you about 3 months (I’m the type who spam coz I use it on my neck too so only 2 months haha).  I am however not even halfway through my Facial Oil even though I have been using it consistently, so I find it more value for money. I’m making a point to pen this down as I find my skin more ‘tamed’ without any major breakouts throughout and after the trip, which usually happens when I am travelling. I think I need a new tub of cream….

Products can be purchased online via www.3rific.com. Don’t forget to visit them on Instagram as well – @3rific_skincare. Follow me on Instagram for daily sharing. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, I’ll be happy to answer them. Thank you for reading and talk soon!

3RIFIC Premium Face Oil

Products were sent by 3rific for review, however, there was no press information provided with the products. I did all my own research and this review is 100% true and of my own. Follow me on Instagram, I update everyday!


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