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Day 5: Breath taking sceneries at every turn

We woke up extremely early in the morning, way before the Sun is up and left for our Trekking. It was the last day of 2012 and how meaningful it is to be ditching our Laptops and my iPad for 2 days, spending the new year with no form of internet connection. I kind of dreaded it at first, wondering if I will suffer from withdrawal symptoms up the mountain, but when I started hiking up the foot of the Mountain, I was glad we left all the metal in the Hotel. We were panting in the cold air just 10 mins into the trek!

Dampus Trekking Nepal
Along the way to Dampus Trekking
Nepal boys
Little boys going to school 🙂
Nepal boys
And they smiled for my camera!
A view of the famous Machapuchare

Machapuchare or Machhapuchhre Lit. “Fish Tail” in English, is a mountain in the Annapurna Himal of north central Nepal. It is revered by the local population as particularly sacred to the god Shiva, and hence is off limits to climbing.It’s 6,993 m high. Though you can’t really see it from my picture, it has a double summit that resembles the tail of a fish, hence the name meaning “Fish’s Tail” in Nepali language It is also nicknamed the “Matterhorn of Nepal”.

Machapuchare Mountain
The Annapurna Himal of north central Nepal
Dampus Village
How villagers wash their clothes
Nepal Village
How nice it is to have a house built here overlooking your village…

Dampus is the starting point of the popular Annapurna Circuit trek, however, Dampus it is not as commercially popular as Nagarkot as a tourist destination even though you can also see a clear view of the Annapurna Range from here. However, it’s not a place for stand-alone tourist destination, so if you would like to just spend a day relaxing with great views, Nagarkot would be a better choice.

Trekking in Nepal
There’s no seas in the Land lock Nepal, but it’s rivers and lakes are as beautiful…
Trekking in Nepal
and start the morning reading newspapers withs a beautiful scenic background…
Dampus Hill Trekking
Radiant glow with fresh morning air filling our lungs
Nepal Trekking
Wake up to a view every morning
Nepal Dampus Hill Trekking
I’ll live here for a month
Trekking in Nepal
Stopping for Breakfast!

Happy Shawn!

Annapurna Range
Dampus Hill and the Annapurna Range

Annapurna is a section of the Himalayas in north-central Nepal that includes 8,091 m Annapurna I, thirteen additional peaks over 7,000 m and 16 more over 6,000 m. Annapurna is a Sanskrit name which literally means “full of food” (feminine form). Below is a image taken from Wikipedia that clearly shows the different peaks in the Annapurna range.


Nepal celebrations
Festive Music
The Annapurna Range
Dampus is a easy climb, but no less beautiful 🙂
Nepal Trekking
That’s me!
The Annapurna Range
That’s Shawn, day dreaming of climbing those mountains
The Annapurna Mountains
The Annapurna Range
Dampus Trekking
Colorful Truck! Spoilt the scenery though
Nepal Trekking
A little Dampus tea house
Nepal Rice fields
Rice fields
Nepal Trekking
Hand in Hand 🙂
Trekking in Dampus
Lunch time! It’s biscuits, Mango juice & Oranges
Mountain Trekking Adventure
Dampus Trekking
Love 🙂
Nepal Trekking
Taking a Short Cut!
Nepal Trekking
Villager rearing Bees
Dampus Village
Village life
Trekking in Nepal
Chickens along the way
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