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Mondays are Green with freshness, Yellow with Sunshine and Red with vitality.

Recently because of the new client (A Startup Company), I have been starting early on Mondays, something out of the norm. When I say starting, I am actually referring to the cortex of my brain. You see, the whole body is made up of many different parts and although they depend on one another to function efficiently, they actually consciously work separately from each another. At least that’s what I think.


At 6.30am, my ears start waking up. Everyone’s alarm clock starts ringing like a badly rehearsed orchestra. All except mine. And it always makes me wonder why I wake up to everyone else’s clock and never my own clock! Anyone have the same problem?


If I am at my boyfriend’s place, my eyes would wake up earlier and I would watch, squinted as his sister come into the room to look for clothes, sometimes for her hand phone or the charger.


I feel that the cortex of my brain really starts working after 3.30pm, when lunch-coma is finally over. My whole life have been functioning this way so far, that’ why the teachers hate me for always sleeping in class and I do very well in School ECAs, which always start after 3.30pm. I never felt school was efficient for me, except university, when stand by my computer and make sure my bidding results state none of my classes start before 12pm. After sunset is when my brain finish warming up and all the visions / strategies/ ideas starts conceptualising.


I do most of Monday’s work over the weekends beforehand, then pack them all into emails, type it’s contents + attachments then save as draft. It actually makes me feel very happy to know that I am essentially a day ahead of everyone! Pretty psychotic huh! But watch this. Once Monday comes, from the morning all the way till after lunch, all I need is my eyes and fingers to be awake and all I do is to click the send button. Send. Send. Send! All while my brain is sleeping! You guys should really try this. Bomb everyone else while you are sleeping. It’s nirvana. Mondays will never be blue again.



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