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What is FlyingPistachios about?

Note: This blog post’s initial title was ‘Hiatus: Life’s too exciting with 2 new & interesting clients’ until I started writing and it took up another life of it’s own at the end, so I decided to change the title to ‘What is FlyingPistachios about?’ Thus, please read the following paragraph (which used to be the first paragraph HAHA) keeping in mind that this post was initially about work life.

Honestly, coming down to this decision to settle down and start on this article was a humongous struggle. I wasn’t sure if I should be talking about my work life as I build close relationships with my clients and I know some do read my blog  (as it is I’m running a Digital Marketing and Events agency as well as doing consultation work mainly for start-ups) . What would they think? What if some misunderstanding arise from my opinions? What if I get sue-ed?

At this point I would like to acknowledge my gratitude towards my boyfriend (who recently started blogging again! – www.shawnyeo.com , really interesting thought leadership albeit of a totally genre from my blog) . We had a good lunch discussion today and he queried about FlyingPistachios’ hiatus. My response was that there’s so many things and ideas I really want to write and talk about, but I just don’t know whether I should even blog about it. And every time I try to do a ‘less thought-provoking post’ eg. beauty, event or lifestyle related, I just felt that the time should be spent on current article ideas with better substance and thought leadership.

A screenshot from Shawnie's blog!
A screenshot from Shawnie’s blog!

Not to be mistaken, I love sharing about makeup and the products I use, just that there are so many other topics that I find might be more useful and insightful to share – a fulfilling woman’s life should be 20% beauty + 80% wits, brains and actions.

As the lunch conversation proceeded, the answer came back down rather clearly to the reason why I started blogging again – FlyingPistachios is about inspiring readers, like you, to fly high and strive for a fulfilling life, by working towards your dreams and ideals. And by blogging, I hope to give as much knowledge and insights as I possibly can, to share my journey ( and my interviewee’s life journeys!) with my readers as I work towards my own dream and ideals.


Oh man. I have digressed! But I’m glad I did for this article have set me free! It’ll have set the tone for my own freedom of speech and writing, so to my dear readers, please do not go away just because my posts are now gearing towards more than just beauty and makeup! And to my sponsors, please continue to support me because you will soon discover, this blog is not just any other blog and the person you are sponsoring is worthy of your time and $$$ 🙂

I have just changed the title of this post to something more apt, so if you are still interested in reading about my 2 new and interesting clients, I’ll be talking about it in the next post, after a jog that is!

*off to my night jogging, see you later!*


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Hello! I am Qi Yun, the author and creative behind www.FlyingPistachios.com.

I can be best described as a beauty junkie, picky pot and a perpetual wanderlust. Colours, traveling and listening to people talk inspire me, triggering visions and ideas. I’m often called a walking box filled with ideas. I love working on projects that shows originality and have a chance to make this world a better place.

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  1. Looking forward to more though-provoking posts from you! Love what you have posted thus far.

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