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Cinderella 2015 – Enjoy while it lasts…

Looking far ahead the majestic stairway that leads to the palace, Cinderella admits to her lizard footman,”I’m frightened, Mr. Lizard. I’m only a girl, not a princess,”

Mr. Lizard wisely replied, “And I’m only a lizard, not a footman. Enjoy it while it lasts!”

There are many note worthy quotes in the new version of Disney’s Cinderella, but it was this quote said by the lizard footman that hit me the hardest.

Enjoy while it lasts
Cinderella and her Lizard Footman


There are many times in life that we get drowned in the daily routines of work and commitments, pursuit of money and success, and everything else that it becomes easy to forget that we should also enjoy life and have fun in everything that we do. Just like how Cinderella penned down her wonderful memories with her Mr Kit at the night of the grand ball just so she won’t forget the details as time passes, here I am, doing the same 😛


1)  You are who you want to be. Be yourself.

Cinderella 2015
Don’t be too bothered about what other people think.


Many times we are too concerned about what other people might think about us that we stop ourselves from taking that one brave move fir fear if standing out, control our emotions and feelings for fear that other people might disapprove, or hide the ‘real me’ just so that others can ‘approve me’. With so much fear and considerations, how can one truly enjoy the many moments that make up our life?

If Cinderella haven’t heed Mr Lizard’s advise, she would have walked into the ballroom as a servant maid, terrified and trying her best to hide among the crowd. Even when donned in the world’s most beautiful dress she would have lacked luster through her actions and demeanour. Or ran away at the first sight of nobility. Or not step into the ballroom at all She wouldn’t take the prince hand for the first dance and might not even meet Mr Kit. Even if she had dance, I would imagined her stiff like a wood. No one will think that she is a princess. But because she decided to ditch all negative thoughts and enjoy the moment while it lasts, she created wonderful memories for her and everyone else. Everyone thus truly believed she is a princess.

Enjoyment comes in simply being able to be yourself. Have courage.


2) Always find fun and happiness in everything you do.

Cinderella 2015
Take enjoyment in everything you do.


We all live in the real world where many times we are not able to make the choices we want. Bosses directions, client’s demands, family expectations… even the Prince was pressured to marry for advantage. It is easy to become frustrated and disheartened by all the things we are forced to do against our wishes. Fact is life’s like that – nothing but a journey of valleys, zigzagging paths, caves, crevices, obstacles and narrow ways. But with the valleys there will be beautiful mountains, with the crevices there will be wonderful rivers, with the narrow ways there will be vast plains. So face the things that get in your way with anticipation of better times, and when the better times come, enjoy it while it lasts. When it ends, a new anticipation begins.

Better than facing everything with a glum face I’ld say!

3) Dance like no one is looking.  And when the music stops, don’t blame the orchestra. Simply move on and cherish the memories.

Enjoy while it lasts

‘Enjoy it while it lasts’ transcends further than the moment of enjoyment. The meaning of the quote applies to the moments after the end of the beautiful times, even with the on coming of darker days and beyond. Sometimes things just don’t last and the pain is real. However, instead of lamenting on what caused the change, or wallowing in self pity at what ;could have been’, you just have to cherish and smile at the sweet memories when it’s gone.

Cinderella’s step mother enjoyed lovely times when she married out of love. She however became resentful towards her fate, that her husband would pass away before her, leaving her to fend for herself and her two daughters who are not capable nor useful (nor beautiful). She then married out of advantage but soon became miserable as she was unable to reconcile that her new husband still had beautiful memories of his previous wife. She thus concocted poisonous thoughts and ranted her anger on the poor one who was left behind – Cinderella.. She became even more spiteful that the one she married out of advantage soon passed on, leaving her one more mouth to feed and fend for.

However, it was not like Cinderella had a life that was any better (till she met her prince).

Cinderella’s wonderful childhood was cut short with her mother’s early passing, leaving she and her father in each company. She opened her heart to accept 3 new family members for the happiness of her father, only to be bullied from the rightful owner of the house to a house servant.While she could have resented her fate, lose her beliefs and turn against her step mother and sisters (I would think she could easily get lots of help), or even leave the house, she held true to her promises and stayed accountable to herself – always be kind. Even at her lowest and most depressed point in her life, she continued to show kindness to a poor old begger.

She truly deserves her Fairy Godmother 🙂


Enjoy while it lasts
Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic.

Have courage, and always be kind.


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