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Shiseido Sale 2015

I have been to the bi-annually Shiseido Sales since 2013 via the public invite and boy was I elated to be able to get the media invite this year! (There’s a really big difference in the crowd!) So this year I decided I should return the favour by documenting the sales items and discounts as well as share some of the must grab for this year’s sales.

Before I begin, here’s the important information 😛

  • Dates: 22 & 23 Oct 2015
  • Time: 10am to 8pm
  • Venue: Concorde Hotel Singapore, Studio 1
  • Brands on Sale: Shiseido, Cle de Peau, ettusais, NARS, Shiseido Professional, Joico, Zotos, Za, Majolica Majorca, Aqualabel, Senka
  • Payment: Nets , Cash, Visa or Masters
  • Children under age of 12 are not allowed into the event.

This year’s venue bring you a bigger and more organised space with a dedicated entrance and exit area. However, some of the brands like ettusais didn’t have a lot of products to sell. At least they didn’t have the quick fix powder which I snapped up 5 in one go last year! You’ll find that the skincare and hair products cover about 50% to 60% of the sale, mostly on 50% off. One of the main highlights for this year must be the $3 quality bags and pouches – I got a total of 14 of them! I will update in this post if I have the time. One last note – I am the one who walked away with the VERY LAST luggage bag yesterday! They didn’t have a lot this year though I am not sure if they will be stocking up. But do check out the $3 bags – they can come in handy when packing Christmas presents and are of very good quality too.

Disclaimer: All prices listed at stated by staff at time of event and may be subjected to changes. Please check with staff before purchase.

Let’s go down to business! Starting with NARS. They probably have the biggest number of makeup items on sale this year.

  • Duo Intensity Eyeshadows and Duo Eyeshadows – $25
  • Single eyeshadows – $18
  • Mono blushers, highlighters and bronzers – $25
  • Brush Set – $100
  • Nail polishes – $15
  • Single lip products – $20
  • Jumbo Eye Crayon – $18 (MUST GET)
  • Tahiti Bronzing Powder – $50
  • NARS Laser Cut palette – $40 (MUST GET)
  • NARS nail, lip and blush set – $40
  • NARS 6 colours palette – $30
  • NARS Multiple for eyes, cheeks and lips – $30
  • 4 Shadows and 2 Cheeks – $40
  • Foundation – $35
Shiseido Sale 2015
Duo Intensities and Duos $25
Shiseido Singapore
Mono Eye Shadows – $18
NARS Laser Cut Palette
MUST GET! I got one myself. Comes with 3 beautiful eyeshadow colours, a gorgeous lip gloss colour, blush and contour. Great for travel – $40
Shiseido Sale 2015
NARS Multiple $30 , 4 Shadows and 2 Blushers Palette – $40, Six Shadows Palette – $30 (Pretty worth it too!) ,Tahiti Bronzing Powder – $50 , bottom right set – $40
NARS Laser Cut Palette
Nail Polishes at $15, Forgot to record the price of the lip gloss set. Brush set at $100
Shiseido Singapore
Check out the intense and creamy swatches of the eyeshadow crayons! At $18 each, I regretted not getting more… I’ld love to bring home the black and purple one too. Blushers, Highlighters and Bronzers all at $25 only.

Cle de peau 

  • Christmas Collection 2012 Edition – $100
  • Christmas Collection 2013 Edition – $100
  • Christmas Collection 2014 Edition – $120 (The one worth buying IMO)
  • Pressed powder without packaging – $60
  • Eyeshadow without packaging – $30 (Grab)
  • Foundation – $50
  • Concealer – $40
  • If I remember correctly Lipsticks without packaging – $40
  • There are only 2 lipsticks with packaging. They have a coloured base featured and swatched below. They are at $40 each too. The pink one is super lovely! However, remember to check all the expiry dates.
Shiseido Sale 2015
VERY Top left – 2012 edition at $100,
Top Right – 2013 edition at $100, Middle and bottom left – 2014 edition at $120 (Worth it)
Shiseido Singapore
Most Clea de Pau are at 50% discount. Prices listed in image.



One of my favorite brands but they have the smallest range of products this year. I can’t help but snap up the cute little nail polishes!

  • Most at $15
  • Nail Guard and base coat (LE) – $8 (Must get)
  • Gel Top Coat (LE) – $12 (Must get)
  • Wipes – $10
  • Hexagon nail polishes – $6
  • Cute little polishes – $3

Shiseido Singapore


Shiseido Colours and Maquillage

All Shiseido and Maquillage products at $50% off retail price. I didn’t enquire for each pricing but that should give you a good idea.
Shiseido Sale 2015Shiseido Singapore
Shiseido Skincare


There are tons of it! Again, most at 50% off or more. Click image to enlarge and see what you can spot!


Shiseido Singapore
Full sized skin care, too many to go into details
Shiseido Sale 2015
Travel size skincare from $10 for packs of 3 to $25 for a packed set.


Test your eyes here haha!  Most prices listed in the picture.

Shiseido Makeup



  1. Check expiry before purchasing
  2. Check all your products (open them up and check) before paying
  3. Bring a big bag. There’s no more luggages to purchase on the spot
  4. Shop makeup first. They are small, easy to carry and run out of colours very fast
  5. Don’t forget to check out the bags. You’ll love them
  6. Shop hair products last – they are really heavy
  7. Go in comfortable covered shoe. You can thank me later


AND here’s my huals! – Not including the luggage bag and the rest of the other $3 bags I bought

Ettusais Singapore NARS Sale

Shiseido Singapore promotion Shiseido Sale 2015 Ettusais Singapore Shiseido Sale 2015 Shiseido Sale 2015 NARS Sale NARS Sale NARS Laser Cut Palette NARS Sale Shiseido Sale 2015


Happy Shopping!!!


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