Lancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection Preview
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Lancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection Preview

If there’s any beauty brand that celebrates Christmas in the most magical way, it must be Lancôme! Year after year, they never fail to wow us with their elaborate Holiday Collection visuals and designs. Lancôme Christmas Colour collection always includes the traditional Christmas Red and Gold sparkles and there’s no exception this year! You must be thinking – ‘Halloween is not yet over and you are already blabbering about Christmas?’ That’s because I have the honour to be able to be one of the first to receive the limited edition Lancôme Holiday 2015 L’Absolu Palette! Here’s a preview.


Lancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection Preview

La Palette 29, Faubourg Saint Honore for Lancome Holiday 2015

Christmas 2015 Colour collection Lancome La Palette 29 Lancome La Palette 29 Lancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection Preview Christmas 2015 Colour collection Lancome La Palette 29Christmas 2015 Colour collection Lancome La Palette 29


The La Palette 29 carries seven satiny eye shadow colours, a hydrating lip base, two matte lip colours and a quality dual-ended eye and lip brush. The full range eye colours runs from a matte Beige Base to Gold & Copper shimmers for a captivating scarlet look, a choice of Dusty Pink or Prune contour/ transition colours and a deep Violet to create a mysterious smoky eye look.

The duo matte red lip colours in the palette are delightfully pigmented and easy to use. Rouge Universel (middle) is a universal red that goes well with girls of any complexion while Bordeaux (left), a burgundy colour, is a dream to create any winter look. The duo can be used to create an ombré lip as well. The super sheer pink lip base adequately preps the lips and can be used as a glossy top coat too. Or, if you prefer, simply add a dash of gold shimmer shadow after applying the sheer lip base and flaunt your natural lip colour.

A few words of commendation – I know I am not the only person who detest having my lip colours and eye shadows in the same palette as it is only a matter of time when the lip product catches powder pigments from the eye shadows (yuck!). The La Palette 29 sees a sleek stainless steel flip cover for the lip colours – with such thoughtful design and versatile colours, you will definitely see me recommend this palette to my friends without hesitation!

Lancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection PreviewLancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection Preview

Lancome La Palette 29

This season, Lancome had also hopped onto the matte lipstick trend and launched the Matte to Measure Collection. Here’s presenting a new matte lipstick line – L’Absolu Rouge Definition that brings us 5 new highly saturated and bold colours to play with. L’Absolu Rouge Définition applies smooth and gives a demi-matte finish. I also notice a yummy cupcake scent to the product, which I like a lot! The iconic L’Absolu Rouge black sleek case is endowed with gold linings for the matte line, making it look really architectural and luxurious! The gold linings also scream ‘I’m a Christmas Hottie!’… I can’t help but take more angles of the packaging.

Lancome La Palette 29 Christmas 2015 Colour collection Lancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection Preview Lancome La Palette 29 Lancome La Palette 29 Lancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection Preview Christmas 2015 Colour collection


And here are the obligatory swatches!

Lancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection Preview Christmas 2015 Colour collection Lancome La Palette 29 Lancome La Palette 29


Here, I have experimented with the products and created some looks! Tell me what you think!

Lancome La Palette 29 Look Lancome Christmas 2015 Colour collection

I started off with a really simple Dazzling Gold look. This look is all about being dazzling without over doing the gold and glitters. The key to achieving this look is making full use of the glittering Gold colour (second from left in the La Palette 29) and a great eye primer. Simply pack the gold pigments all over the eyelid using a buffing brush. Highlight underneath brow with base colour.  For the lips, use the lip base all over lips and lightly dab some gold glitter on the cupid bow and you are done. For this look, I did not add any mascara to keep it really natural. This gorgeous look is so easy to achieve and very suitable for weekends.

The Secret Sophisticate look below is an evolution from Dazzling Gold.  Using the copper colour (third from left in palette) as a contour, start from the outer corner of the eyes and move inwards. Blend into 1/3 of the eyelids. Add mascara and then move on to the lips. Remove the gold shimmer on the cupid bow. Cover any differences in colour tone using a concealer and some powder. Then create the ombre lips by lining your lips with Bordeaux (the darker red) and filling the inside with Rouge Universal. Add a healthy shine to the lips by dabbing some lip base at the centre of the lips and the transformation is done!

Lancome Christmas 2015 Colour collection Lancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection Preview

Lancome Christmas 2015 Colour collection Lancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection Preview

Now, night has fallen and it’s time to transform again 😛 Picking up the last colour from the eyeshadow palette (Deep Violet) , sweep close to the lash line from the outer corners of the eyes and then blend upwards. This gives you a smoky effect. If you find it hard to blend properly, use the Prune shade as a transition colour. Then, use L’Absolu Rouge Definition in 285 Le Sepia, a dark prune colour (fifth from left) all over the lips to achieve a Bold Biker look. 285 Le Sepia may look scary to use at first, but winter is all about dark lips so don’t be afraid to try another look. If you feel really uncomfortable halfway through the day, just remove it. It’s just makeup 🙂

I wasn’t planning on doing another look but I was going to head out to work meetings and going all gothic to meet clients isn’t a good idea. So I removed the heavy look and simply dusted the Rusty Pink (fourth from left in the La Palette 29) colour all over my eyelids. My eyeliner was more or less rubbed off so I piled on my mascara. Picked L’Absolu Rouge Definition in 184 Le Vermillion – a bight coral with pink undertone. The end result? A romantic sunshine girl look!

Lancôme Christmas 2015 Makeup Collection Preview Lancome La Palette 29 Look

If you are already shopping for Christmas gifts, make the Lancôme Holiday 2015 L’Absolu Palette and the L’Absolu Rouge Définition part of your list. But wait! Here’s some extra goodies and cash saving tips!  Register for Lancôme’s facial or makeover service online by 20 Oct and receive a 4-pc Early Bird Gift worth $103. The amount you pay for the service (Youth Activating Facial Treatment at $120 per pax or Holiday Makeover at the Paragon Atrium for $120 per pax or $180 for 2 people) are fully redeemable for Lancôme products, so you can do your math and save! Sign up for Lancôme’s Facial and Makeover services online @

That’s not all! Lancôme Singapore also released an ultimate blockbuster set filled with the best of Lancôme! Spot the Lancôme Génifique, Lip Lover and brushes in this Lancôme Christmas Beauty Box Set! All these add up to a total of $588 – but you can get it at $118 with $130 minimum spent. I am definitely eyeing on this set… available while stocks last!

Lancome La Palette 29 Look

Go shop and be merry!

Happiness is a Gift.

We all have magical memories of holiday deeply engraved in our hearts…

The excitement of the countdown until Christmas Eve, the emotion when you see the streets full of festive lights, the generosity under every Christmas tree, the surprise in the eyes of everyone while opening their gifts, the sharing of magical moments with your family…

The one value that encapsulates the essence of Christmas and makes this celebration so memorable is happiness.

Happiness is an important value deeply embedded in Lancôme as established in our brand motto and Lancôme would like to share the joys of Christmas with everyone this festive season.

“Women who come to Lancôme to be more beautiful, always leave happier.”


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