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Winter Organics Chamomile Natural Facial Cleanser Review

The very first step of every basic skincare routine is cleansing and I am really picky when it comes to what I use to cleanse my face. To me, a good facial cleanser is gentle enough to not cause irritation and dryness to my sensitive skin, yet strong enough to remove that last bit of makeup left on the face (after using makeup removers that is! This is especially so if you are using waterproof makeup. Don’t expect your cleanser to do that for you. It means it is too strong for the skin!) At the end of every wash, your skin should feel fresher with all your pores unclogged, ready for the rest of your skincare routine!

When picking new cleansers, I always ensure that it is suitable for combination skin types and sensitive skin. From there, I’ll listen to my skin needs – as my skin condition changes according to work stress and the weather, I have more than one option of cleanser in my bathroom. A few weeks ago, I had a bad episode of acne breakouts around my jawline with lots of redness around my inner cheeks area. Coupled with the weather getting colder, my skin had also became drier and gets really oily even before mid-day hits! So just when I needed a new gentle wash that helps replenish skin moisture, I received the Winter Organics Chamomile Natural Facial Cleanser to try. You can imagine just how elated I was!

Winter Organics Facial Cleanser

Winter Organics Review Chamomile Facial Cleanser


The product packaging goes straight to the point with all the benefits that Winter Organics Chamomile Facial Cleanser has to offer. 100% naturally derived means that all the molecules in the product is derived from natural materials which has been harvested and processed without chemical reaction and is identifiable in the original source material itself (with reference to the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists).  I also love how honest the company is to state that their product is 85% certified organic. While many products in the market are labeled organic, they may not be certified by a organized certification body. Having the organic label may simply mean that some, or just 1 of the many ingredients in the product is organic! Due to the lack of organic farms around the world, it is also hard to achieve 100% certified organic ingredients for any skincare and cosmetic products, so kudos to Winter Organics Chamomile Facial Cleanser for it’s 85% organic certification by Australian Certified Organic (ACO)! It is also chemical free – No Parabens, GMO, SLS, SLES, ALS, artificial colors and fragrances.

On top of its already astonishing credentials, Winter Organics Chamomile Facial Cleanser is also certified cruelty free and vegan. Now, you may ask, what is this whole hoo-ha about cruelty free products? Cruelty free products mean that they are not tested on animals, which is the tradition way of testing products before more technologically advance methods of laboratory and computer testing methods came about. However, this is more than just protecting the little animals from physical torture. It is actually good for you too. Alternative ‘in vitro’ testing methods use tissues and cells from humans that correctly predict reactions 90 percent of the time. This is in contrast to animal-tests that correctly predict human reactions only 72 percent of the time. Didn’t know that did ya? 😉 If you are interested in this topic, you may read more here.

Winter Organics Facial Cleanser Chamomile Facial Cleanser Winter Organics Facial Cleanser Winter Organics Review

The cleanser comes out in a golden gel form. I have obviously squeezed a tad too much for the sake of the picture, but for normal washes, a coin size will do the cleansing job just fine. For readers who prefer foamy washes like me, you’ll be glad to know that even though the product is chemical free, there is still some soft foam that you can lather up, so rejoice!


Its main ingredients include Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Calendular flower and Chamomile, all well known to be highly beneficial for hydrating and soothing skin with anti-inflammatory and healing properties. After using it for 2 weeks, I find that my stubborn acne condition on my jawline has improved greatly with lightened blemishes. It would normally take about a month or two to recover. As the product contains 6 types of organic oil (Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Bitter Orange Flower, Orange, Cedarwood Bark and Seabuckthorn), it helps remove impurities from your skin and replenish your skin moisture, leaving it fresh and supple after every wash.


If you are a frequent reader on my blog, you’ll know that I am anal about scents. To me, they can make and break my overall experience with the product. Made from 100% naturally derived and 85% certified organic ingredients, the Winter Organics Facial Cleanser brings you to the fresh highland flower meadows and back! Its blend of natural flower scent including soft chamomile, sweet calendula, exotic ylang ylang (one of my favorite scent!), warm rosemary and citrus orange ingredients results in a natural fragrance that is relaxing and soothing… ahhh… luxurious bliss!

True to its claims, Winter Organics Chamomile Cleanser is gentle on my sensitive skin. No stinging or tightness after washing on my skin at all. Its pH5 formula helps maintain the skin natural pH balance, speeding up acne healing time and preventing further breakouts.


One of my best discoveries this year, Winter Organics Chamomile wash is available on with free delivery. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram @WinterOrganics where they’ll be having a giveaway! 25 lucky winners will walk away with a tube of Winter Organics Chamomile Facial Wash each! Simply like the giveaway post to join the contest. Tag a friend on their Instagram post for an extra chance to win! Results will only be out on Winter Organics Facebook page so be sure to follow them for the results. I’m in love with this cleanser and I’ll definitely try to win one back if I were you! Giveaway closes 23rd Jan 2015.

And if you can’t wait to try this amazing product out yourself, here’s a 25% off discount code for my little pistachios to enjoy – WINTERORG25. This discount code is valid till 31st Jan 2016 and can be used on with free delivery.

Till next time, take care!

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