Staycation at Hotel Jen Tanglin
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7 Reasons To Have A Staycation At Hotel Jen Tanglin

Staycations are becoming the holiday of choice for more Singaporeans every year. Any why not? You get to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city island within minutes! Fuss-free, convenient and still a refreshing experience.

Choosing where to stay is important. For most Singaporeans, you’ll want somewhere with good facilities and a novel experience. You’ll want clean rooms, good service and great food. And being Singaporean, you’ll want them all at the best value you can get!

Hotel Jen Tanglin Staycation

So here’s a recommendation from us – Hotel Jen Tanglin, and 7 reasons why you should have a staycation right here!


1. HUGE selection of delicious food!

Hotel Jen Tanglin Review

Hotel Jen Tanglin’s J65 has a pretty extensive buffet spread every day. Still, we highly suggest you make a trip to savour their Sunday Brunch. They feature so much food it’s quite likely you won’t be able to finish trying everything (we didn’t). Try out favourites such as the Chicago Bull Leg, Crab Claws and fresh Sashimi! You’ll also get the option of free-flow champagne, wine, beer and cocktails so drink up buddy! Besides the food, J65 also features a live DJ performance as you chow down your food.


Just right next to J65 is Hotel Jen Tanglin’s 24hour café, Jen’s Kitchen-On-The-Go. As it’s name suggest, you can get everything to go here! From delicious packed lunches, bottled drinks to a hot cup of latte. We love it’s artsy setting (there’s a bicycle propping up the table), the perfect place to chill with a book.

The food at Hotel Jen Tanglin is comparable to its sister Shangri-la Hotel. The quality of food is kept high and the food is fresh. Much care has also been taken to ensure hygiene standards are top notch.


2. Comfy room designed with you in mind

We stayed at Room 1708 (Club Room) and were extremely happy with it! The room is spacious enough for 2 pax and is sparklingly clean. One of Hotel Jen Tanglin’s great points is that it has taken a very customer-centric design to the room. Let’s us illustrate with a few examples.

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

With just a USB cable, you can charge your mobile device by plugging it directly into the power socket. It’s designed so that you don’t have to bring along your charger. International power sockets are also available in the room, ideal for international guests who want to travel light and leave their adapters at home.

The hotel food menu only has one page (with 2 sides). They’ve accumulated the ‘most ordered’ food choices from hotel guests and condensed them to a single page so you won’t need to boggle your mind! If you feel like having something outside of the menu, simply give the restaurant a call and they’ll make it for you!

Hotel Jen Tanglin Review

Thread-count of 300 for bed linen, the same standards as Shangri-la Hotel. Indeed, you get to enjoy impeccable standards with great value at Hotel Jen Tanglin

Take a look around the room and you’ll find much more hidden treasures! Or you can take a look at here to uncover more of them first.


3. The Not-So-Secret Club Lounge

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

We stayed over at a Club Room, which grants us access to the Club Lounge. It’s an exclusive dining area only for certain guests. The Club Lounge features food around the clock, with meals being prepared for brunch and dinner.

The selection isn’t as extensive as J65, but it’s equally yummy! If you feel like a midnight snack, you can hop over to the Club Lounge for a snack of cup noodles and assorted nuts. There’s free-flow coffee and tea too, so drink all you can!


4. Totally amazing customer service


Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore Uniform
Photo courtesy of Hotel Jen Tanglin

In Hotel Jen Tanglin, it’s all about the details. Every service staff there is never found without a smile and are always happy to help. Take a look at their uniform when you are there! Designed by local artist FIN in support of the local arts culture, we love that Hotel Jen Tanglin has infused these funky designs without going over-the-top.

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

One of their lesser-known services is the availability of bicycles for loan. If you feel like taking a bicycle ride along the streets of Orchard Road, Hotel Jen Tanglin has classy looking rides for you to explore the streets of Singapore the non-motorized way.

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

You can even rent a GoPro to record your journey as you traverse the streets of Singapore. Each GoPro comes in an airtight container, so you can even bring these down to the swimming pool to capture those bubbly moments!

Charge your mobile device by one of their charging stations. Leave your device in the shelf and take the oh-so-cute key for safekeeping! These charging stations can be found in various locations at Hotel Jen Tangling. How many can you find?


5. Places to chillax

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

Hotel Jen Tanglin features a large swimming pool so be sure to bring along your swimming attire! Feel free to take one of their many floats and simply spend the day bobbing around the water. Or if you prefer, grab one of their numerous pool-side benches and chill. Ah Hoi’s Kitchen is next door, so you can easily grab some bites if you feel like it.

Staycation at Hotel Jen Tanglin

Within a minute away is Hotel Jen Tanglin’s spa and gym. You can burn away all those calories from J65 in their sauna or steam room! If you reeeally want to relax, try out their whirlpool Jacuzzi and massage services as well.


6. It’s all in the details

Hotel Jen Tanglin Review

We spent some time exploring the corridoes of Hotel Jen Tanglin, something we won’t usually do in most other hotels. We love how the hotel has managed to integrate art with design.

One of the features you will notice is the ‘trickeye’ wall next to the lobby. Hang onto the bicycle for your dear life!

Random signboards litter a small corner of the hotel. Once again, an installation in support of our local arts scene. Totally loving the speed camera sign!

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

The concierge table is made up of vintage luggages.

Hotel Jen Tanglin also features event halls, a business lounge and meeting rooms. We managed to find a spiral staircase on the 17th story as well!


7. Paaarrrty Time!!

If you’ve a group of close friends looking for a unique way to celebrate, ask about their Party Staycation Package! Perfect of that Hen/Stag/Birthday/Random party, Hotel Jen Tanglin’s Part Package allows up to 8 guests (inclusive of 4 staying guests) for a night of fun and drinks! Play beer ping pong, sip on vodka in a watermelon and film in all down on a GoPro!

Staycation at Hotel Jen Tanglin

So, the next time you are looking at a staycation in Singapore or want to organize a night of fun, do consider Hotel Jen Tanglin. You’ll be glad you did!

While this is a sponsored review, opinions and suggestions are truthful and purely our own.


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