Solvil et Titus Newest Collection
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Solvil et Titus Lookbook – for the Classic Romantic Couple

Romantic Classic Couple WatchTime is Love Singapore

Time is Love Singapore

Solvil et Titus Newest CollectionSolvil et Titus Newest Collection

Solvil et Titus Newest CollectionTime is Love SingaporeRomantic Classic Couple Watch

Solvil et Titus Newest CollectionRomantic Classic Couple WatchRomantic Classic Couple Watch

Solvil et Titus Newest CollectionTime is Love Singapore

Time is Love Singapore Romantic Classic Couple Watch


I am pretty sure every time we recall the brand Solvil et Titus, the imagery of romantic and heart tugging TV commercials come to mind. My favourite  one of all is the 100-years contract where it shows a land where divorce is forbidden, but marriage contracts are for as long, or short, as the couple chooses. Meaningful and thought provoking, I have embedded the video below. Being a big fan of Solvil et Titus commercials, Shawn and I came up with our own take on the brand.

This entry features a gorgeous pair of Solvil et Titus couple watch from the latest spring 2015 collection. A mechanical watch with genuine leather straps, it is designed to emanate class with a touch of glamour. I am so in love with these stylish romantic piece, a stately beauty for romantic lovers. Beneath the sapphire crystal lies a skeleton dial at 12 o’clock that reveals the internal mechanism of the watch. Flip over for a mesmerising overall look at the mechanics.  The lady’s watch is decorated with crystal studded indexes and a halo of 60 crystals nestled in a rose gold plated bezel, radiating just enough sparkle for a feminine touch. The men’s features a sturdy rose gold patterned bezel for a polished finish.

Get a 10% discount and free delivery using my promo code : “TitusxQiyun” at their newly launched online store at  Product codes (her) 06-2809-004 and (his) 06-2808-005.

Special thanks

Producer: Pabby Tan-Koo
Photographer: Seth Koo
(Photography services were paid in kind – IRAS declaration)

CityChain Singapore for loaning us these beautiful watches. We only used them for the purpose of the shoot. Watches were returned the same day. – Another IRAS declaration.

I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Thank you for reading 🙂

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