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A Spectacular Christmas with Spectacle Hut

This is my virgin fashion blog entry and I am so thrilled to start working on it! One of my life ambitions in secondary school was to be a fashion & jewelry designer. While I did ran a couple of blog shops back then, I guess I kind of grew out of the dream to fulfill societal expectations. Well, it’s never too late to start reviving young dreams again 😉 Since it’s my first fashion-related article, I’m starting with something simpler too – Spectacles (I only gotta work the face and not the whole body…). Please don’t judge and I’ll appreciate your kind feedbacks!

Today’s post is in collaboration with Spectacle Hut. This Christmas, make Spectacle Hut one of your Christmas Shopping destination! I visited Spectacle Hut modern and spacious outlet last weekend, thinking I’d probably spend about 20 minutes since I was only looking for a pair of sunglasses. I ended up spending an hour in the store soaking up latest trends and tips from the knowledgeable staff who also very patiently allowed me to try on the in-trend sunglasses! Now, let me pass on the abundance of knowledge and shameless selfies to you!

1. Striding Straight into Luxury

Modern elegance, bold designs and a symbol of luxury – while the fusses are still on Dior So Real (I’ll get to that later), let’s not forget that Dior also offers other designs for the less adventurous/ more practical wearers. I love how the model looked in the key display poster – Bold, sophisticated, brilliant. With the glasses on, she exudes a aura spelling ‘don’t take me lightly’. Unfortunately, the pair that the model was wearing is completely out of stock. However, the service staff have kindly picked a somewhat similar pair for me to try on.

Sunglass Trend 2017
Dior Sunglasses
Spectacle Hut Singapore
Dior Sunglasses

2. Celebrity effect

Yes, I am talking about ‘So Real’. Google the name and you’ll see many celebrities such as Rihanna and Olivia Palermo proudly flashing their ‘it’ shades. Fueled by the celebrity effect, we see many inspired designs popping up, one of which I am especially fond of from the brand Massada spotted at Spectacle Hut! I would have totally picked this pair if not for the price tag! Somehow, Massada’s version enticed me more. It’s fascinating how the colour of the sunglass made my skin look more glowy and the design framed my face so well, I looked good from every angle including my bad angle! What a difference a pair of sunglasses can make – I made sure to capture more selfies from all angles to remind myself to get this pair when I can afford it >.< I’m unabashed to say that I think I look like a Korean star with this pair on!

Spectacle Hut Review Sunglass Trend 2017 Spectacle Hut Singapore

Spectacle Hut Review

3. The Best Sellers

When we talk about sunglasses, the Ray-Ban brand never fail to pop up. It’s no wonder since it’s the global best-seller with seventy years of notable history behind it.

  • 1937 – Pilots in the US Army Air Corps first adopted it to protect soldiers’ eyes from harmful light thus gaining it’s recognition as the aviators.
  • 1940s – General Douglas MacArthur landed on Philippines beach in WWII wearing non other than a pair of Ray-Ban 
  • 1960s – Sported on pop culture icons such as Ringo Starr and the Beatles

I picked the latest colours to try on. Not one who goes with the crowd, I skipped the pair though despite the gorgeous shade, opting for more unique designs.

Sunglass Trend 2017

Sunglass Trend 2017
Ray Ban newest aviator in green shade
Spectacle Hut Singapore
Ray Ban newest aviator in green shade

4. Your Individual Style

Which is my option. I had a budget to keep to so it was easy to narrow down to Loewe as I wanted luxury with individuality that fits my budget. Here are the 3 gorgeous pairs that fulfils my criteria and fits liking.

Spectacle Hut Singapore
The first pair that caught my eyes – a Loewe

Spectacle Hut Review Spectacle Hut Review

Sunglass Trend 2017
Loewe – Evergreen aviator with a fabulous touch of enduring leather.

Spectacle Hut Singapore

Spectacle Hut Review
The 3rd pick that caught my eye – a feminine Loewe in sunset colours

5. 5 More Quick points!

Other than being Singapore’s most fashion-forward spectacle retailer, here are 5 more reasons why you should really check out Spectacle Hut this Christmas.

1) Spectacle Hut house a wide range of branded eyewear and exclusive brands such as Victoria Beckham, Loewe, Linda Farrow, Sting, A Bathing Ape etc.

2) It’s the perfect place to purchase a gift that will wow your loved ones, friends and family. Or in my case, reward and wow yourself!

3) Speaking from first-hand experience, the staff service and knowledge is clearly commendable. The staff that attended to me was able to identify trends, quickly narrow down to selections based on my budget, preference and face shape, making my selection process a breeze without feeling that I might have missed out on other pairs. Basically, he made me feel very sure that I was walking out of the shop with the best sunglasses for me!

4) For optical correction, Spectacle Hut provides express spectacle frames service starting from 20 minutes for single vision lenses and 4 hours for progressive lenses!

5) Spectacle Hut is a place where you can find a wide range of contact lenses including the gorgeous Anna Sui contact lenses.

BONUS: When I shopped at the Plaza Singapura outlet a week ago, they were having a 20% to 50% festive discount on selected brands. The deal grabber in me narrowed down to 50% off steals, which lead me to discover the gorgeous Loewe sunglasses! Here’s what I picked in the end!

Spectacle Hut Review
My final selection – a Loewe aviator with leather accent
Spectacle Hut Singapore
Can’t leave without the playful Linda Farrow Cateye sunglasses that got the whole world raving.
Spectacle Hut Singapore
Done with Shopping!

I sang my own Christmas cheer upon snagging it. Now, will you be singing your Christmas cheers in Spectacle Hut? Why not drop by and experience the magic yourself?

Thank you TouchPR for the chance to collaborate with Spectacle Hut!

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While this is a sponsored post, the article is authentic and written  based on my personal first-hand experience and interaction in the store. I am not paid to write this.


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