L'Oreal Paris True Match Cushion
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My Top 5 Favourite Products for the month of May

In a blink of an eye 5 months have passed! Now entering the final lapse of the first half of the year, it felt as though the month of May never happened. My body was pretty much ‘broken’ throughout this month. I was running a suspicious fever for more than half the month with no other symptoms… had a couple of heat rash and allergy reactions and then finally, the full blow came a week ago with high fever, loss of voice, flu and cough…

On the brighter side, I got to sneak in lots of sleep and rest! In fact, I might have slept the whole month away. Busy sleeping maybe? 😛 Let’s hope June will be better. Please help pray for speedy recovery!

So, let’s get down to business – here’s my top 5 favourite beauty products for the month of May!

L'Oreal Paris True Match Cushion

  1. Topping the list L’Oreal Paris True Match Cushion

Recently released in April 2017, you should really go to your nearest drugstore and grab one of these before you continue to read this post! (Just kidding, please keep on reading :P) Lightweight, long-lasting matte and high coverage, this is the best drugstore cushion I have ever used. DailyVanity did a awesome job demonstrating how lightweight the product is (it floats on water and refuses to sink oMg??!!) and my skin stays matte for at least 8 hours before I find myself reaching for the tissue to blot. When I say matte, I do not mean the full-fledge 3-layer-powdered-cake suck-up-all-the-glow matte finish which EtudeHouse’s Real Powder Cushion gives. The L’Oreal Paris True Match Cushion pats on a natural and healthy matte finish while minimising the look of pores. The best part? It’s so weightless sometimes I had to check if my foundation is still there!

Top 5 Favourite Products for the month of May

2.Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks

My skin has suffered big time in the month of May due to low immune system and sick-sleep-perspiration (you know, alternating cold/hot perspiration that soak the bed but you are too knocked-out to change the sheets).  As a result I had a couple of acne outbreaks and skin rash. Fortunately I had Origins’ Flower Fusion Sheet Masks to tide me through the month. These flower inspired masks are instant mood lifters. Made from 100% natural bamboo sheets, incredibly great floral smelling and fun to use, these masks keep my skin hydrate as I sleep my sickness away.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Cushion

3. Limited Edition Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Lipstick in Annunziata

If there’s anything that made me look less like a zombie, it had to be my trusty new lipstick from Dolce & Gabbana. We can’t get D&G makeup in Singapore so when I got news about it’s pop-up store in Orchard Paragon THAT holds a range of limited edition lipsticks, I rushed down to the counter with all intentions to just buy something, even if everything sucks! Lucky for me, the Miss Sicily range of lipsticks was easy to fell in love with. Feather-light, supple, moisturising and radiant without being sticky when applied, it was like high-end lip balm with great pigmentation and true colours. The formula contains a blend of emollient oils that nourishes and protects the lip… who knew I actually needed it’s help later in the month to keep my sick chapped lips at bay! I picked a few colours to try on and the BAs were super helpful to give a unanimous vote for Annunziata, a stunning fushia that stood out among the rest. To make things sweeter, I got it at a 20% discount! Could this mean that a D&G make-up counter will soon open in Singapore?

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4. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Mascara

‘A subtle and almost imperceptible note, with every flutter of your lashes … – Guerlain’

The only fragrance mascara that I approve! Pretty packaging, great signature smell and really lengthens my cactus spokes lashes! The formula contains Bees’ and vegetable origin waxes to volumise and lengthen the lashes as well as D-panthenol, a skincare active ingredient that boosts the quality of lashes.   The only down side to this pretty little thing is that it’s too big and cumbersome to fit in my carry-along makeup pouch. It’s truly a luxury mascara – I only get to use it when I have the luxury of time complete my eye makeup at home and not on the train 😛

5. The discovery of Palladio makeup

I picked up the brand as part of my feature in June’s issue of CLEO magazine where I am given a $100 budget to shop at Guardian (you’ll be surprise at the amount of stuff I managed to get from Guardian with a hundred bucks! Please get the magazine and support!!! I am on page 96 ^.^). I picked up a gorgeous sea-blue themed eyeshadow palette as well as a matte lip lacquer which  I found could be quite similar to Dakota Johnson’s kiss scenes in 50 shades of grey 😉 Full swatches and look creation in coming post.Top 5 Favourite Products for the month of May

6. Special Mention – CLEO Magazine

Did I said there would only be 5 top favourites of the month? Pardon me, I must add this month’s issue of CLEO magazine! This is the first time I got featured in a magazine as a beauty influencer and I would like to thank CLEO magazine for this most wonderful and humbling moment when I rushed to the store to get the magazine and find my face and feature in a whole page… THANK YOU CYNTHIA & CLEO MAGAZINE! Everyone else reading this, please please please support and grab every last copy of the magazine in the stores!!!

Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask

Stay tuned for the next post as I explain how I picked the items and a first impression + swatches of the items I’ve picked! Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram! I post everyday!

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