Pepperkoko SG Review
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Styling by Pepperkoko – GSS 2017 Discount code ‘QIYUN10’

Pepperkoko SG Review

The Great Singapore Sale is here! Compared to 5 years ago when GSS means going to the mall and snapping up all the discounts available, times have changed and online shopping has taken over. Online shopping is getting more convenient and efficient – sizes rarely goes wrong and lost parcels are days of the past. Now, deliveries even arrive at my doorstep in less than 24 hours!

My biggest worry when shopping online is the quality of the products, especially for clothes where I am always very careful when prices look too good to be true. There is no point in purchasing a cheap $10 top only to realise that it’s so thin and translucent, there is no way to wear it out. Or a $20 pants that loses it’s shape once out of the washer. This is when trusting brands come in play and I am grateful to be introduced to popular shopping site  Pepperkoko!

Pepperkoko SG Review Great Singapore Sale 2017

Pepperkoko Singapore features a range of apparels with styles adopted from the Taiwan, Japan and Korea’s fashion scene – suitable for Asians and drama fanatics like us! There is a wide range of items to pick from -tops, skirts, dresses, bottoms, innerwear, outerwear, maternity clothes to activewear, from all seasons; with hundreds of new designs weekly.  You’ll also be surprise that at such good quality and great material, all items are very affordable at $20 to $40.  I picked out 3 sets of clothes, a total of 4 pieces and spent $100 exactly. Trust me – it was hard keeping to budget and narrowing down to these 3 sets as everything on the website looked so good and I just want to buy them all!

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I must also applaud their prompt and friendly customer service – after I had made my order, I dropped them a email to ensure that my order is well received. Within less than 24 hours, I got a friendly email reply with a couple of smiley faces ensuring that my order is processed. In less than 5 days, my order reached me and I was elated to find out how well they fitted me even though I NEVER measured my size! I simply compared my weight and height against their staff’s size chart – how innovative! I found this super convenient and as accurate as body measurements. All online stores should do this >.<
Great Singapore Sale 2017

So here are my selections – enjoy!


singapore fashion blogger Great Singapore Sale 2017 Pepperkoko SG Review Pepperkoko SG ReviewGreat Singapore Sale 2017Pepperkoko SG Review

I love how incredibly lively this yellow piece looks – I was like a mermaid out of water to explore land for the first time. The material is soft and light but you don’t have to worry about having to wear nude undies – this number is well lined with a silky inner lining so just let down your hair and have fun!


Pepperkoko SG Review singapore fashion blogger Great Singapore Sale 2017 singapore fashion blogger Great Singapore Sale 2017

Friend: Oh that’s a nice dress!

Me: Thank you… It has pockets!

I’ve always loved collared midi-dresses as they are versatile pieces suitable for any occasions. At the same time, I lack dusty pink pieces in my wardrobe so when I spotted this on Pepperkoko, I knew I had to have it! Here I matched it with my vintage sunglasses for a relaxing weekend out. To amp up the look, match a brown or white woven belt coupled with a dainty necklace and you’re ready for the office lady’s life. You can even try layering it on a turtle neck long sleeve for cooler days or travels to colder countries. The best part? It has pockets!


Great Singapore Sale 2017 Pepperkoko SG Review singapore fashion bloggerPepperkoko SG Review

GSS Promotions awaits you!

  1. New Arrivals – 15% off
  2. Storewide – 25% off on all other items except New Arrivals
  3. Outlet Sales – 35% off
  4. New users – NEW2BU16 or influencer’s promo code
  5. Orders above $60 will be entitled to the season’s free gift!
  6. Lucky draw for purchases above $80! Stand to win a pair of movie tickets, 5 pairs up for grabs in the month of July.
  7. FINALLY – Receive $10 off with min. $40 purchase with my unique promo code ‘QIYUN10’ (use by 30/06/2017). Please support me and use my code ok?! 🙂

Start shopping!

While items are sponsored, all opinions are of my own. Follow me on Instagram @qiyunz for daily updates!

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