shu uemura christmas 2017
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The Shu Uemura x Super Mario Bros Collection that got my Hub’s approval!

Shu Uemura scored major game points this Christmas! One of the most highly anticipated Holiday collections, it was my husband who squealed (surprise!) when he saw me unbox the package. The Shu Uemura x Super Mario Bros is a must have range for Christmas this year, a dream come true for gamer girls who grew up into beauty junkies, or gamer boys who married beauty junkies in my case 😛

Every year, Shu Uemura does a collaboration for their Christmas collection and I started my collection since the Shupette edition, featuring Karl Lagerfield’s beloved cat Choupette. This year’s collaboration features childhood favourites of many with Super Mario cast of characters in cheeky gameboy pixelated prints.

shu uemura christmas 2017
My Shu Uemura Christmas Collections since 2014!

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shu uemura christmas 2017

Of the 24 SKUs, the must have in this year’s collection is the Peach’s Eye & Cheek Palette. It’s a playback of Super Mario’s quest to save Princess Peach, collecting game points and bonuses along the way. Unlike the past 2 years where the palettes are introduced in 2 separate warm and cool tones, this year’s palette houses both tones and 2 shades of cheek powders to create a sweet or daring princess look with just 1 palette. It’s hard to touch the glow on blushers though… the embossed Super Star, Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and ? Block Super Mario Characters are all too adorable to ruin! The palette can be customised- simply pull it apart and switch out the colours. The brush is of a medium good quality, good for use when on-the-go with the palette.

shu uemura x super mario
Swatches of Shu Uemura x Super Mario Bro Peach’s Eye & Cheek palette
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Swatches of Shu Uemura x Super Mario Bro Peach’s Eye & Cheek palette Eyeshadows from Left to Right: IR pink, S mauve, P plum, G gold light, ME orange, ME bronze
shu uemura christmas 2017
Swatches of Shu Uemura x Super Mario Bro Peach’s Eye & Cheek palette Blushers from Left to Right: Dreamy Peach, Brave Orange
shu uemura x super mario
Shu Uemura x Super Mario Bros dual stamp-me liner

The next must have from this collection is the dual stamp-me liner that features a easy-to-use felt tip liquid eyeliner on one side and a kawaii star-shaped stamp on the other. The star shaped stamp is SUPER CUTE and easy to use, I am beginning to think that we need more eyeliner stamps in different shapes! As seen here and in my ‘looks’ pic, the stamp is easy to use and precise.

shu uemura x super mario
Look 1 created with G gold light, ME orange and Brave Orange. Suitable for a everyday simple look.
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Look 2 expanded with ME bronze added at outer corner of eye to add more smoke and definition to the eyes. Suitable for a night look.
shu uemura christmas 2017
Look 3 created with IR pink, S mauve, P plum and Dreamy Peach for a romantic princess look. I couldn’t help it with the star stamp too and spammed it all around ;P

In all 3 above looks, I was using Shu Uemura rouge unlimited central in BC 965, not from the Super Mario Bros range.

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rouge unlimited supreme matte in shade 954
shu uemura x super mario
rouge unlimited supreme matte in shade 954 swatch

I have always been fond of Shu Uemura’s lipsticks for their true colour payoff and for their precise application. The Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte is no different and delivers what it promises with long lasting power and without drying the lips. For this collection, shu uemura offers the most popular five shades from rouge unlimited supreme matte with a special SUPER MARIO BROS. package, and two limited edition shades only with this collection for rouge unlimited sheer shine and I am giving away 3 of these limited edition shades! More here.

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Limited Edition Shades Stage Cleared and Saved Peach.
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Shu Uemura x Super Mario Bros. invincible superstar premium curler

Shu Uemura’s eyelash curlers have been known to be legendary so why not add a little more fun with a “Super Star” charm? Catch a star and become invincible like Super Mario! It’s time for us ladies to stop being the damsel in distress and go on a adventure!

Products were sent to me for review, however, this review is 100% true and of my own. Follow me on Instagram, I update everyday!

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