Best Beauty products 2017
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November & December Favourites of the month

Best Beauty products 2017

In a flash, we are now over with 2017 (good riddance) and onward to 2018! The weather had turned cooler in November and December and my skin is looking at it’s best, thanks to the lovely weather and some new products I am using. I am also starting to include some non-beauty favs as I begin working on my 2018 intentions. Some updates from the last monthly favs- while my right eye is not exactly getting better with eyesight slightly affected with advise from eye specialists to opt for surgery, my right knee suddenly felt stronger towards the end of December and I have began cycling again. I still can’t jump nor walk fast and my knee hurts every morning, but being able to cycle makes me a much happier person already 😉

December was spent mostly working on gift guides and my 12 Christmas Giveaways, which I would like to take this opportunity to explain and apologise. I only managed to complete 7 of my planned giveaways as the eye issue got really bad mid December and I didn’t want to overstrain the good eye. But the last 5 giveaways will still be happening over the New Year, so stay tuned!

1) L’Oreal La Palette Gold!

Popular Asian Beauty Blogger

Infused with 2K GOLD, the la palette features a range of cool-toned colors that are perfect for winter and spring season. The colour selection also reminds me of mermaids and unicorns, which is also one of the biggest trends these days. Swatches smooth and shimmery too – not as pigmented, some build up is needed but still an unexpected good quality for a drugstore brand. With the range of colours you can easily go from neutral to fun, sexy to edgy with just 1 palette.

Loreal Paris La Palette Gold!


2) L’Oreal Color Riche Shine lipsticks

Loreal Color Riche Shine lipsticks Loreal Color Riche Shine lipsticks

Best Beauty products 2017

Another pick from L’Oreal, these Color Riche Shine lipsticks are the dreams! They glide on smooth, balmy and pigmented. The are inspired by luxurious oil-in-stick formulas, explaining the high color payoff, glossy finish and lip loving benefits. You can also achieve gradient tones with these lippies. The only down side is similar to tinted lip balms, the colour does not stay on the lips for long but I have no qualms about reapplying after meals for softer and plumper looking lips 🙂

3) AERIN Iris Meadow Perfume

Popular Asian Beauty Blogger Best Beauty products 2017

I’m a big fan of woody scents and jasmine so when I sniffed Aerin Lauder’s Iris Meadow, I knew this is the one for me. A floral woody musk fragrance for women, a whiff takes me through the open field with wild flowers – warm and energising as the first ray of morning sun hits my face. It’s top notes are fresh greens and black currant, middle notes are Iris, emboldened with Egyptian Jasmine, base notes balanced with cedar and woody musk. I’ve been wearing this scent through December as I reminisce the lovely wild flowers picked while I was in Ninh Binh Mua Caves last November 🙂

4) Mamonde Powder Cushion

Popular Asian Beauty Blogger

Speaking of my last trip to Hanoi and Ninh Binh, I brought along the Mamonde Powder Cushion and fell in love with it ever since! I wrote a full review about this product earlier in December and am still using it now in January. Hack, I have even bought refills even though I’m not yet through the first! I shall not write too much here, if you are interested you can read the full review here. Highly recommended for ladies with combination skin.

5) IOMA Ma Creme

IOMA Skincare Review

IOMA is revolutionising brand from Paris that uses high-tech diagnosis and synergy of 105 active ingredients to create personalised skin-care that gives proven results. It’s surely not my first time customising skincare, but to have one that’s tailored uniquely to my skin needs at that moment, it’s fascinating and mind blowing.  It begins with a very detailed skin analysis using IOMA’s MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) which is able to detect skin imperfections that are invisible to the naked eye. Then, it concocts a ingredients formula list that targets all the concerns detected which the BA will use to create your potion in-store, on the spot. Here’s my IOMA Ma Creme Day and Night cream that, out of 40,257 possible combinations, this duo is truly uniquely mine. I’ve been using it for a little more than a month and my skin is currently acne free 0.0 A detailed review will follow soon!

6) Origins Mask Trio

Origins Masks

I have probably mentioned them as my favourites a couple of times on Instagram and in my Insta-story so when I received them as part of my Origins Christmas press kit, I let out a big hooray! These 3 are my all-time favourite masks from Origins in redesigned packaging and in travel-size. The Original Skin retexturing mask with rose clay helps detoxify skin and gently exfoilates as you wash/wipe away the mask. It makes my skin look brighter and more refreshed instantly! On days when I find my skin flaring up or getting oilier, I switch to the Clear Improvement active charcoal mask to clear up my pores and suck away all the dreaded oil. The effect usually lasts for 4 to 5 days. As both are clay masks that can dry the skin, I always follow up with a moisturising mask such as the Drink Up Intensive that quenches the skin’s thirst, leaving it well hydrated. I do not use it as a overnight mask however, as I tend to sleep on my side and I do not want sticky residue on my pillow >.< GIVEAWAY COMING SOON!

7) Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Melrose and Classic Cuff

Daniel Wellington Popular Asian Beauty Blogger

I received this set around Christmas and re-discovered my love for analog time-pieces and rose gold accessories. Stylish, feminine and undeniably elegant, this is something smartwatches can never achieve. This duo looks fantastic and complements ALL my ootids. Each time I put them on, my spirits are lifted and I feel ready to conquer another day. Not to mention all the complements I’ve receive so far, wearing them just makes me a happier girl 🙂 Not too heavy to weigh my wrist down, not too light for a luxurious feel, not too big to overpower my small wrist, not too small to make my wrist look fat, this watch is my goldilocks ratio. The set came encased in a gorgeous gift box to match it’s elegant allure. Daniel Wellington also sends a small tool along with the watch so you can easily unlock the clasp and adjust for perfect fitting – I did all these all by myself with no help needed from the hubs, which shows how effortless and convenient it is.

8) NARS Man Ray

Popular Asian Beauty Blogger NARS Man Ray Review

Probably my most reached out for palette in December! An array of 12 vibrant and unexpected colours, I find this palette the most under-rated 2017 Christmas release. A great mix of shimmers, matter and metallic shimmers, it has all the great pigmentation you can expect from a NARS eyeshadow, although there’s some pesky drop outs in the deep red and dark blue matte shades. The warm-hue pigments are soft and easy to blend so achieving a attention grabbing look takes half the time. I’m so in love with the choices of deep green, red and blue shades here, I can foresee myself keeping this palette on my vanity table for a very long time! Swatches on Instagram here.

9)Honey Butter Mixnut set from Korea

Popular Asian Beauty Blogger

Last but not least (surprise!), whats Christmas without movies and snacks? My mother-in-law recently returned from Korea and got this as a souvenir for me and my hubs, though it’s mostly me munching on it since I have a sweeter tooth 😛 I’m in wholesome nut snacks, the kinds without too much flavourings as they can be very fattening and addictive but it’s obvious I sold my soul to the Honey Butter Mixnut – I just can’t stop munching them!

The console – macadamia nuts are high in fibre and great for bowel movements 😛 If only we can control the amount of fats our bodies take and poop the rest out >.<

So what do you think of my favourite picks for the month? If there is any one which you’ll love to see a more complete review, or just have a new and healthier snack to recommend, let me know! Follow me on Instagram, I update everyday!

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