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The Legendary MasterWang Ramen Review

It’s a bold claim to make, but I sincerely think the restaurant Master Wang La Mian Xiao Long Bao serves the best La Mian in Singapore. The only other place where I’ve tasted La Mian this good is in a little family-run shop in Suzhou! Brings back so much memories!

Hubby and I were invited to a tasting session at Master Wang, which specialises in La Mian and Xiao Long Bao. The Xiao Long Baos were awesome, but the La Mian is legendary! Go for their original dry La Mian with Scallion, which combines chewy, crunchy and sweet, salty and savory all into one! A master of making La Mian, Master Wang creates fresh La Mian to serve his restaurant. He is also able to create noodles of different shapes and textures, from triangle to broad flat shapes. If you’re fortunate, you might just be able to catch him at the glass window kitchen in all his noodle-flipping glory!

Singapore Xiao Long Bao
Chef Master Wong in action. Bottom left features our fav Lamian w/ Scallion
Singapore Xiao Long Bao
Our second bowl of Lamian w/ Scallion and Shawn just had to take a photo with it! Too delicious, MUST TRY!
legendary masterwang ramen
Mala Sweet Potato Noodles – Don’t be deceived by it’s looks, it is not that spicy 🙂

Let’s not forget the Xiao Long Bao too! Being a Xiao Long Bao lover, I can attest to its taste. Master Wang’s different types of Xiao Long Baos are here – the Original dumping, Crab Roe dumpling, Clam dumpling, Cheese Dumpling and the new Kurobuta Dumpling.

Singapore Xiao Long Bao
WORLD’s FIRST Kurobuta black pork Xiao Long Bao , ‘ wagyu ‘ equivalent of the pork world. MUST TRY!
Singapore popular travel blog
Trival: Restaurant bought Xiao Long Bao usually weights 5grams to 6 grams. While supermarket bought machine made xiao long baos usually weigh 6grams to 8grams . The thinner the skin, the better the texture.

Each of the flavours were savoury and added its distinct flavour to the original taste. My only quip is the cheese dumpling, as its cheese taste was almost non-existent, perhaps masked by the meat’s savory ‘juice’.

The new Kurobuta Dumpling is a definite must-try. The Kurobuta Black Pork meat and soup makes the xiao long bao superbly delicious. But to me, it’s the 3-4 gram Xiao Long Bao skin that makes it burst-in-your-mouth awesome! Most restaurant’s Xiao Long Bao are typically made with 5-6gm of skin, whereas machine-made ones from the supermarket are typically 6-8gm. With his skill and experience, Master Wang manages to hone his craft to just 3-4gm of skin for his Xiao Long Bao! That tiny weight makes all the difference. Xiao Long Baos are incredibly hard to get right— the skin has to be thick enough to hold the soup and contents, while thin enough to give that soft and silky bite. Just holding Master Wong’s dumpling with your chopstick makes it all the more challenging, but the taste is totally worth it.

The restaurant is not all about La Mian and Xiao Long Bao though. They have a fried dim sum menu which is pretty decent too. My fave is the Deep Fried Golden Banana Roll, which captures red bean paste and a slice of banana inside a fried crispy skin. Absolutely mouthwatering!

legendary masterwang ramen
Banana Roll with Red Bean (MUST TRY!)
Singapore popular travel blog
Side dishes – Spring Roll (top left), Samosa (Top Middle), Bean Paste Chicken Cubes (Right), Spicy Black Fungus & Seaweed With Enoki Mushroom (Bottom Left)

The Legendary Ramen Master is excited to announce the extension of their popular XIAO LONG BAO buffet at their Northpoint City branch.  From now till 30th April 2018, diners can enjoy a free-flow of four different flavors of Xiao Long Bao (XLB) namely the original flavor XLB, cheese flavor XLB, crab roe XLB and clam XLB ,and a treat of 2 pieces of the absolutely yummy kurobuta black pork XLB. A bowl of hand-made noodles will be there for their picking too: Choice from 1 x Lamian w/ Scallion (choose this one!!!) or 1 x Zhajiang Mian or 1 x Mala Sweet Potato Noodles, along with a bevy of side dishes to whet your appetite. These noodles and Xiao Long Bao are all made fresh daily by hand. It can get crowded, so be sure to call them at 6753 6978 to ensure you get your seats!

Singapore popular travel blog

Master Wang La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Location: Northpoint Shopping Centre, 930 Yishun Ave 2 #B1-51 S769098

We were invited to a media tasting at Master Wang. However, all opinions here are of our own.


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