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What to do when your door knob spoils and you are locked in/out.

I just got out of a 4 hours lock in.

So here’s what happened. I headed home much earlier than usual as I wanted to prepare for my late dinner appointment with PW. Got home, closed the door, changed and tried to head out to wash off my make-up. And voila. The door’s not budging. The knob had kindly broken at a very bad time. So basically, this was how it feels like when you realized you are stuck in the room.


Ok not really. People who know me well enough would have known that I actually became this.


With full potential to ( and secretly wishing I could) become like this.


But I didn’t and for the first 2 hours of my lock in, I felt I was like this.


So here’s what you should do when you are stuck in your room and you don’t want to give your local locksmith any of your money.

1) Get a screwdriver. Don’t happen to have one in your room? OF COURSE! Why would you?! See if you can find any metal object that can act as a screwdriver. I used a combination of a metal bracelet cuff and a metal hairband. What you need to do is to release afew clever notches to reveal the inner workings of the door knob.

There are 2 notches you'll need to release.
There are 2 notches you’ll need to release.

2) Now this is the usual way you would remove the inner mechanics of the knob. However, since what you have is a door knob that is stuck, this is not the way. You’ll need to go brutal, the way the lock smith did. It’s the best time to let loose the inner hulk in you. Use whatever harder object you have and CRUSH the middle portion. The main aim is to weaken it so that you can then bend it. Once you have achieved that, you can now force the insides out!

Credits to http://www.wikihow.com/
Credits to http://www.wikihow.com/

3) Once you have successfully done that, you are free 😀


Of course, you can still wait for the lock smith. Since you will need a new Door Knob anyway.

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  1. How unfortunate! Well done for getting yourself out! I think I would have just lost my cool and tried to kick the door down, you patience is obviously a lot greater than mine 😛

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