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You are as good as the people around you.

Finally! A little more than 2 months since I’ve been back from Nepal and I am happy how things have progressed!

LittleBeni – LittleBeni website is now up with some good looking images and a nice looking site. I am glad I’ve got Yina to help me with the images. That being said, I’ve ended up editing Yina’s images myself, making sure that they look absolutely tip-top even when the original idea is to present images that are just good enough. I spent the whole of Thursday working on it – Perfectionists should be given at least 36 hours a day, but I guess God just want us to learn how to make full use of our time and prioritize, Eg. Finishing work should come before watching those Chinese Serial Drama. ‘I am Multi-tasking’ is just not true.

A front shot of LittleBeni.com still in construction

DaphnePaper – This is the star of today’s entry 🙂 Starting 9.30am today, Nicole and myself worked tirelessly, stopping only for lunch and uploading files to complete the mood & product shots for 2 collections ( we still have 3 major ones to go, Yes, I have that many products!) I am happy with the images that come out of the photo shot, they are just simply too lovely and gorgeous… I can’t wait to be working on the site as soon as possible and to run the Beta Launch, targeting Easter Day – because it’s just so special and meaningful 🙂 Here’s a shot that I have shared to the Public on Facebook, and below’s another shot, exclusive to readers of my blog (As a way of saying Thank You coz not many people read my blog :P)

Mood shot for one of the collections for DaphnePaper

The Launch Collection - A Snapshot :)

Ever since I’ve announced the LaunchPage, I’ve got a few great words of encouragement from current business partners and friends – This I never got while I was working on my blog shops many years back. I was most touched by some of the un-expected gestures, Eg. A partner who the extra mile to research on the kinds of certifications I could consider that would truly put me and DaphnePaper a cut above the rest. Or Shawn’s father who went deeper into understanding what I am selling by taking precious time to look at related videos and informational articles, then proceeded to give me constructive suggestions and new ideas (Wedding Cards next!). Even the little congratulatory notes, I’ve kept them close to my heart 🙂

This reminds me of a quote ‘ You are as Good as the People Around You’. I was the first among my peers to start blogshops – selling items on blogs, and successfully. I was in JC1 then (16 years old) and I was selling ladies accessories. My first customers – Classmates who were amazed at what I have and what I was doing. The teachers talked among themselves at about this girl – some specially called to meet after school to look at what I’ve got (and buy 😀 ), some specially called to meet taking up my precious after school time counseling me on why I should not be doing this and should be studying instead (my grades are not that bad). While it felt great to be the ‘only one doing it’ then, but just because I was the ‘only one’, my blog shop never became a e-commerce. It stayed as a small little blog shop.

Now that I have surrounded myself with entrepreneurs and supportive people who have way more experience than me, I’m receiving more than just support. I am getting priceless advises that can potentially grow my little e-commerce to what I’ve envisioned – To sell environmentally premium paper all around the world.

We as humans – Living Things, must always be growing. Once we stop growing, like plants, we’ll wither and die. If you feel that your growth have been stagnant and life’s a bore, look around you and assess the people you have been mixing around with. You may want to consider going out and make some new friends 🙂






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