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Trying to sell Eggs online? Just crack your brains for creative ideas!

I was flipping through today’s TODAY newspaper and saw this eye-catching and highly adorable print ad. With great liking for the ad, I’m very sure that this advertorial will be a great buy for the brand – for 5 very good reasons.


As seen in TODAY
As seen in TODAY


1) The message was cleverly put across.


Instead of simply showing the usual ‘Healthy Chickens and Clean Farm that produce Great Tasting Eggs’ type of ads, or the overly used ‘ 101 ways to cook your Eggs’ food recipe inserts, N&N Agriculture focused the bulk of their ad on adorable child-like characters that grabs readers attention away from the boring texts. Although the usual target audience of such grocery type brands would be moms and grandmas, the eggy (edgy) characters also appeals to all ages and walks of life that even youths, PMEBs and guys (tada!) would spare a second look at the ad.


The Characters
The Characters


2) There is Good Reader’s Eyeball Guide


We see that there’s a very good reason for 70% the entire ad space to be covered by the very simple illustrated divide between the good egg and the bad egg.


First, the illustration grab readers’ attention away from all the distracting news and other advertorials on the same page spread. Next, it engages the reader by leading him to ask questions: What’s with Shunning the Bad Eggs and Catching Good Eggs? Is there a story I need to know?


With the lack of information in the top 70% of the page where the reader’s attention is focused, it leads the reader’s eyeballs to naturally shift downwards to the bottom 30% where information is jam packed into contrastingly small text, carefully divided to ensure that readers catch the main points.


I would like to call this ‘Guiding the Reader’s Eyeballs’, a craft where an ad is carefully planned and crafted to lead audiences eyeball attention in the way the advertiser wants them to go and move along.

Good Eyeball Guidance Matters
Good Eyeball Guidance Matters


3) Managing the Reader’s emotions opens their mind to your message


At the same time, the reader’s emotions while reading the ad are also well managed. Instead of having the ad objective as the main discussion point in the ad, the good and bad eggs made readers volunteer themselves to find out more. With this method, readers are more open to receiving what might otherwise be boring information.


Managing Readers Emotions
Managing Readers Emotions

4) There is Continuity in audience Engagement


So what do you do after you’ve got the message.


1)   Well, you might spread the message to the decision makers in your household but you decide that the task of buying eggs is not your job. Now if only I have a easy way to show my mom this…

2)   You like the ad, you get the message, you’re switching brands. Anyway I can be rewarded with my dis-loyalty to the previous brand I was buying from?

3)   You think: I’m not so sure… I don’t need eggs… I’m not the one buying… but the story is interesting! I want more!


N&N Agriculture made things very simple. There’s a Facebook page. Follow us for information, promotions and of course, the story.



N&N Agriculture Facebook Page
N&N Agriculture Facebook Page


5) Where does that QR code lead to?


OK I lied. I don’t have 5 good reasons. There’s only 4, and one more thing I would like to point out. Where does that QR code leads to? Some virus? Some pornsite? Research have proven that QR codes that specify their reason for being there, or state where why you should scan it have better response rates compared to QR codes that tell you no nothing. People don’t whip out their phones and activate their QR scanner just because you have a QR code.

You are asking readers to explore the unchartered...it won't work.
You are asking readers to explore the unchartered…it won’t work.


So what’s your take? Is this ad a winner or a loser? Share with us your thoughts.

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