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Your unhappiness is largely determined by yourself.

Was boarding a very train in a crowded platform when the guy behind me kept pushing me inwards into the train. I turned around and said : Don’t push. There’s people in front of me getting on too.
Man: I am entitled to enter into the train
Me, taken aback by his mentality: Fine, then everyone is entitled to get on too, but you don’t have to push.
Man: What if everyone behind me is pushing?
Me: Then….( looked at the one guy and one woman right behind me who heard the loud exclaimations by the man, they looked surprised to me and before I can continue what I wanted to say…)
Man: Crazy!

At this point I can only laugh at him and partly at myself for choosing the wrong man to converse with. The two other people mentioned also broke into laugh and smile, for what reason I do not know. I wanted to say ‘ Then it starts from you to tell them to stop pushing too before they can realise. ‘ but I didn’t go on.

I see one very unhappy man, one who is always fighting for his own rights, self justification to the point of his own unhappiness. He will always be boarding trains in frustration, doing that maybe at least 10 times a week, poor thing.



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