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My 2015 Top 15 Beauty Products

(This post first appeared on Instagram and it was so long I decided it could do very well a blog post too! 😛 I have done some expansions in this blog version with links to the relevant articles.)

Counting down to 2016 with my 2015 top 15 favourite products! List with * indicates that I’ve done a detailed review on my blog previously. In no order of preference, let’s begin!

Singapore TOP beauty blogger


*1) EsteeLauder Lip Lacquer – Strong, long lasting and gorgeously matte without over drying the lips , these lippies changed the whole lacquer and lip staining game for me. The curved shape applicator with soft point tip creates voluptuous lips with lined lips effect. I get compliments everytime I wear them. I have blogged about them here if you would like to see full swatches and read up more about them. This post also happens to be my most viewed blog post of all time 🙂

2) Elizabeth Arden gold case matte lipsticks. Matte came furiously into the beauty trend this year and I believe it will continue next year. These lipsticks contain lip loving oils that NEVER dries the lip. Pigmented and a charm to have in the on the go makeup pouch. Think *GoldBar*!


Swatches of #ElizabethArdenSG Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick. Received Bold Red (Matte shade) and got myself another 3 more gorgeous shares which I tried at the EA #RedDoor pop up store outside #Robinson #Heeren. ???????? Bought yesterday with lipstick exchange promotion for $23 – Sweet Pink : a bright lovely everyday pink, great for girls out or simple date (OOS, but do check if they have new stocks coming in) – Sangria : a deep red that alludes confidence, great for night carpet events???????? – Honey : The compulsory nude Not swatched is #26 Pink Honey which is just slightly darker than Sweet Pink, a good alternative for Sweet Pink. The formula is irresistible and pigmentation is fantastic. Got lots of compliments wearing the colors! ? For a limited time only, get them at $23 (RSP $ 35) exclusively at the Pop Up Store. Enjoy spa and makeover there too! Ends 12 Feb.????


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*3) Benefit Cosmetics Air Petrol eye primer – love a product that does what it promises. Longest lasting, does not cake, contains skin care properties with SPF. I sometimes user or on its own to correct eye lid colour. I dare say go try and you won’t be disappointed! Watch me put the product to the test in this blog post!

4) TomFord highlight duo – a luxury must have if you are into strobing. Both shades are actually highlighting colours, one cooler and one warmer for different effects. Works wonders to create glow from within effect, does not accentuate bumps on my skin. I’m just more concerned about the TF engravings fading away >.<

5) Colourpop – everyone who used it raves it. Me too! So soft, pigmented and a joy to use. Super blendable as well. Works fabulously whether with brush or fingers, at USD$5 only, it’s no wonder they’ve got so much love for a young brand!

Early morning colour popping!!!!!! ???? #colourpopcosmetics #clozette A photo posted by Qi Yun (@qiyunz) on


On today’s face! Btw, #laneigexplaynomore are out in stores already! Have a good Friday! #TGIF #Clozette


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6) Anastasia Beverly Hills – The expert brand for eyebrows. This is a duo of medium & dark brown which I’m so used to it, it’s hard to pick up any new brow power products. Natural, long lasting and so easy to build! Here’s the best close up I manage to find… I really should give this baby more attention on my Instagram account.


On today’s face, mostly quick fixes ????


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7) Givenchy Teint Contour Balm – I’ve probably featured this a few times. My go to coverage for normal days when I don’t feel like wearing too much makeup. Fast and easy to apply ( I use my fingers to apply, a small amount of product goes a long way. ) Blurs out pores really well and so light, I don’t feel like I’m wearing any makeup at all!

 8) VDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh & VDL Perfecting Last Foundation – The predecessor VDL Lumilayer Primer was my all time fav primer until this new sister came along. Does everything it’s predecessor so AND helps control my oily skin condition! Awesome for hot weather, illuminates skin beautifully. VDL Perfecting Last Foundation with the primer fresh, they are my fav base duo. High coverage, super smooth and long lasting with minimal concealer needed – I pick this duo for events and when I know I’m going to take lots of photos that day. Not for everyday use though as I sometimes get little bumps on the chin when I use it for several days straight in a row.  I really should do a detailed review of all their primers and the Perfecting Last Foundation!

????#VDLSG has added two new makeup products to create the #Lumilayer family! ????(NEW!) Lumilayer Primer Fresh: Contains more than 70% of moisturizing essence encapsulated with a lightweight oil bubble. Also packed with both Niacinamide and Adenosine – prolonged usage of this primer also helps to brighten the skin by decreasing melanin production and care for the lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen synthesis to restore elasticity! Personal tip – As it has shimmer effect, I apply this on my arms and legs to create a natural glow! ???? ????(NEW!) Lumilayer Primer All Over Stick: Catered for women with hectic and busy schedules, the all over stick is designed in a portable stick form, allowing us to touch up as and when desired, even while on-the-go. ????All 3 products contains the Lumilayer Technology – #VDL studied wavelength of violet light and applied it to cosmetics products. Using addictive blending of light instead of colors, the combination of red and blue components presents violet light.This light technology allows for multiple layering of our cosmetics product while maintaining the glow to the skin. ????All @VDLSG lumilayer products mentioned above are retailing at S$36 each. #Happy2YearsVDLSG Cupcakes from #thewhiteombre #clozette A photo posted by Qi Yun (@qiyunz) on


9) Guerlain Kiss Kiss Roselips – My most used lipstick in 2015, I carry it in my on the go makeup pouch where ever I go! It keeps my lips moisturise and the colour lasts WHOLE DAY! I simply love this colour that was given to me (Crazy Bouquet), suits me really perfectly. It’s my hubby’s fav too!

With autumn collection launches, there’s no doubt autumn is nearing! Here’s a good news for all my readers! ????From 1.30 to 5.30pm today and tomorrow, all you have to do is flash this post at Sephora MBS to receive a 6-pc beauty gift set as well as complimentary engraving service with every $120 purchase on Guerlain products.???? A closer look at the newly launched #GuerlainSG #Autumn2015 Collection featuring 2 new stars ????Tinted lip balms with perfect hydrating and plumping benefits to pamper ????Blushes that bring out a natural glow and shimmering shadows that cheerfully prolong that summer feel. ????Shown here is Guerlain #Kiskiss #RoseLip in Crazy Bouquet and Rose Aux Joues Tender Blush in Pink Me Up I’ve seen the beauty gift set and it looks really good! Let me know if you are checking it out! #clozette

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10) Lancome Genifique – what you see in the first picture is actually an empty bottle haha! Used it religiously since I got it! I find other products work better with it too – the only product that made me realise I can really tackle my stubborn chin acne issues.


Its official! I am implementing #Lancome Advanced Génifique Serum and Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl into my night routine. Have been using them for almost a week now, mostly at night when I have more time and I’m happy to say, no breakouts and super comfortable on the skin! As I am leaving my 20s in a couple of years, a skincare product that repairs and activates the skin’s signs of youth is definitely a must have in my vanity trove. ???? More about the Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl – it features a unique flexible rotation applicator, great as a massager. It helps de-puff the eyelids and relaxes wrinkles. For someone who stares at the laptop and mobile screen the whole day long, a great eye message gives my eyes the pampering it deserves! As for the cream, the texture is luxurious and I like to apply it on nights with the air-conditioner on. I use the warmth from my fingers to prep the cream before applying on my skin to help for better absorption. Have you tried this product before? Let me know what you think! #LancomeSG #YouthfulAura #clozette


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 11) Vecua Honey Cleansing water – While there are many good cleansing water in the market, I find myself reaching out for this one the most for its natural relaxing scent. Calms me down and helps me unwind at the end of the day. I’ve got LOTS of backups for this one every time!

12) Shu Uemura Maison Kitsune palette – Has a story: I was going for this one with my fav burgundy red even after swatching but with a little push from the BA I decided to give the Colbat Blue a second chance. You know what happened in the end! This palette reminds me not to be afraid to experiment! It may be a little late since this was 2015 Holiday Collection but I am preparing a blog post with looks on this.  


It’s difficult but I shall dip into this today! ???? #wakeupmakeup #clozette


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 13) Inglot – I’ve got so many products from Inglot! Love the concept of being able to put together your very own FreedomPalette – I feel like I’m creating my own makeup everytime I walk into the store. Boasting quality products (comparable to Mac and MakeUpStore) at affordable prices, I’ll be most willing to be your shopping companion if you need introduction to this brand!

Finally completed my first 2 ‘by 5’ palettes! The peach trio was out of stock for awhile and I couldn’t decide on how to complete my lip palettes. Finally picked out 2 brighter colors yesterday! Love how they are now! ???? ——— Also couldn’t resist a new square palette of 2! Bronzer and highlight blusher duo in the new square freedom system available at #inglotsg yesterday! Thanks to @desireedesiremua who took it out! ???? ———- No need to introduce their amazing concealers! ———- Loving the gorgeous colors from the #fallinlove collection too! ???????????? can’t wait to pack them into my freedom system and try them out the way I’ve seen at the demonstration yesterday! Thank you @inglotsingapore once again! ???????????? A photo posted by Qi Yun (@qiyunz) on

  14) Dai Chun Lin – Discovered this brand together with Xie Fu Chun while touring China Suzhou – made using traditional cosmetic making methods, the base ingredient is pearl power and contain lesser chemicals! I’m a big fan of Chinese period drama so I brought almost their full range of makeup! No regrets – so healthy to use and beautiful to look at!

** Special Mention for Xie Fu Chun **


This morning’s #motd! East meets west ???? #clozette #PhotoGrid


A photo posted by Qi Yun (@qiyunz) on

A rare treasure find! Founded 185 years ago, Xie Fu Chun ??? is China’s very first cosmetics brand. They are most famous for their face powder, resembling like a duck’s egg and containing about 80% pearl powder. It was used by the chinese empress and princesses of the past and used as a gift to Korea. Still made using the tedious and detailed traditional processes, the product does not contain any trace of chemicals or preservative and is all natural and organic. Containing other great essential oils, it can be used as a face powder or a face mask when mixed with any moisturiser. As it’s all organic, there is no need to remove and we can sleep with it! Tried it yesterday and my skin redness was reduced. The blush is also a traditional product, light and extremely buildable! I do believe these products might become part of my favourites too! Not avail in SG. Use @shopandbox if you want them! #clozette #shanghailife #rarefind A photo posted by Qi Yun (@qiyunz) on

  15) Physicians Formula blusher – I normally purchase to collect but had a extra so I used it and then couldn’t stop using it for several months! Gives a glowy flush everytime I use it and no breakouts at all. Best part, comes with a quality brush and mirror in the same casing!

That’s all! Almost an hour of typing! I can’t believe I’m now just minutes away from 2016 now! Thank you if you have been reading my blog and I hope I’ll do even better in 2016 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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