HTC U Ultra Review
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Meet HTC’s newest flagship phone – the HTC U Ultra

Time to get a new phone? Well, there’s a new kid on the block from HTC and it’s definitely worth a look. Here are 5 features of the HTC U Ultra that may make you want this to be your next phone.


It learns and adapts to you

The HTC U Ultra is all about you, literally! With the newly launched and downloadable HTC Sense Companion, your phone becomes a personal assistant that learns from you and gets better over time. The companion taps onto 3rd party websites and databases, drawing information to give you suggestions to leave a little earlier for work or to dress a little warmer according to the weather. It can remind you to pack a power bank if you’re taking a long trip, and even recommend a restaurant when you’re away and book seats for you. It learns what notifications interest you the most and adjusts the ones you’ll receive based on your preferences.

With voice recognition, your HTC U Ultra responds only to you, even when it’s asleep. Say out your command and the HTC U Ultra will unlock your phone, take calls, send messages or even proceed with hands-free navigation.

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Unique dual screen display for utmost convenience

HTC U Ultra’s dual display is possibly the most defining feature of the phone. On top of a 144mm phablet sized screen, the HTC U Ultra has a second screen that provides you with rapid up-to-date information and access to commonly used features and contacts.

This nifty 51mm display sits just above the larger screen and provides a great deal of convenience for everyday usage.

HTC U Ultra Singapore

A sparkling liquid surface

The HTC U Ultra’s sleek look is highly attributed to its state-of-the art contoured surface. Much research has gone into achieving this rounded svelte look, allowing light to reflect beautifully from every angle. In fact, you can even use the reflective surface as a mirror – particularly useful for high-quality selfies! Have a look at the video below, it’ll show much more than words can tell.

HTC U Ultra Review

Personalising music to your ears

With the HTC U Sonic, listening to good quality music has just got better. Understanding that everyone has unique inner ears, the HTC U sonic analyses your inner ears with a sonic pulse and automatically adjusts the sound accordingly. So, the music you listen to with your HTC U Ultra actually gets better over time. Even with varying levels of environmental noise, the HTC U Sonic adapts the audio for better listening pleasure.


Take quality photos

Rated as the industry’s best camera, the 12MP UltraPixel front camera delivers sharp images with faster laser focus. It comes equipped with dual-tone LED flash, OIS, laser autofocus and phase detection autofocus, along with 4K video recording with 3D Audio. Its Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) technology helps you to capture precious moments. Coupled with the reflective surface of the HTC U Ultra, you can make full use of this camera for your selfies.

HTC U Ultra Singapore

The HTC U ultra is a sleek futuristic phone that adapts to your preferences over time. It is powerful, yet elegant, and definitely worth checking out. To find out more about the HTC U Ultra, visit


HTC U Ultra Singapore

HTC U Ultra Review

HTC U Ultra Review

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