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Save Our Soles SG – Caring for your soles

When attending media invites, I often have to ensure that I am all properly dressed up, sometimes according to the dress code. Other than on-point make-up and well-thought clothes & accessories, a good pair of shoes is the final yet most essential part of the coordinates.

Although I don’t really like wearing high heels, sometimes I have to step into them when the dress code calls for it.

Men in Suits, Women in Stilettos

comfortable heels singapore
These are stilettos. Broke the ankles of countless women since it was born. But women still love it.

Let’s be truthful. We all love the magic of high heels but hate the aftermath. While this invention magically elongates our legs and make us look (and feel) like unicorns, the spell lasts only till midnight and we turn back into the poor Cinderella walking home bare footed in her old rugged dress, holding that precious high heel in hand. Sound familiar me ladies? 😉

It is also troublesome and unsightly to bring another pair of shoes/ slippers to events so most of the time, me and my girlfriends would simply flaunt the pair throughout the event and f*** it all the way home. The worst part is when reality decides to play punk and give you bitten achilles, sore blisters or worst, stress fractures and sprains!

But life really don’t have to be this way. Here are some tips and solutions which can help you save your soles 😉

Save Our Soles
My current fav 1 inch slip-ons from DMK. I can walk from Jurong to Tampines in these!
Save Our Soles
Works well with any outfit too!

Instead of walking all the way home in a painful pair of heels, I’ll ask my husband to bring a comfy pair of 1-inch slippers or high back cushion sports shoes and meet me at the nearest station for supper. Instead of bearing the agonising pain all the way home, I’ll get to spend some time with hubby and get a change of shoes at the same time.

If the above option is too fluffy for you, call a Grab or Uber la. Remember to check for discount codes.

I’ve also did some research and picked up afew more interesting tips via Save Our Soles SG.

Do not switch into a pair of flats immediately.

If I’ve worn high heels for a few hours that day, it’s better to gradually switch out to a lower heels before going completely flat again.

“Wearing heels shortens the Achilles tendon and the sudden stretching of the muscle when wearing flats can cause more pain and harm. So, if you are used to wearing high heels, slowly get used to the change in heel height progressively.”

Singapore Fashion Blogger

In fact, the optimal height for shoes is actually one-inch! This can help to prevent injuries for our feet. So even if I’ve to wear high heels for my event, I will wear shoes with a better height to protect my feet.

Here’s the trick to testing whether our high heels are a good height:

Save Our Soles SG: “PRO TIP:

If your foot can’t be lifted from the shoe when you’re wearing it, your ankle is probably at its end-range of motion – which is pretty dangerous and leaves you vulnerable to ankle sprains!”

Save Our Soles

Misconceptions/Issues – Slipper = Good for me?

Some of you can’t wait to get home before going barefoot, so you might bring a pair of slippers to switch out of your high heels once your event is over. But did you know that slippers aren’t necessarily better for our feet even though they are flat?

Since our slippers or flip-flops are flat on the ground, they don’t offer us good support for our feet or heels. Gripping the slippers with our toes can also lead to potential strain.

comfortable heels singapore

Additional Tips to care for your feet:

Keep your feet moving and your circulation good by exercising your feet! Perform simple range-of-motion exercises of the ankles to keep the blood flowing in your feet and helping to remove excess fluids (swelling) in the lower leg.

The best way to do is to move your feet up, down, left, right, and in circles. Another method is to draw the alphabets with your big toe!”

Singapore Fashion Blogger

Singapore Fashion Blogger
Low heel boots not only look stylish, it protects your feet when climbing onto other people’s rooftop and reliefs pressure off your heels. From Charles and Keith.
comfortable heels singapore
When travelling, I usually opt for a all purpose pair of shoes such as Timberland – Urban hiking and scaling rocky mountains is no match for this pair which has been with me for FOUR YEARS!
Save Our Soles
2 inch heels – the lower the heels, the longer you last!
Save Our Soles
Platform slippers can turn you into Unicorns without the Cinderella drama.



  • Caring for your feet is not only important, but super easy to do.
  • Here are some tips that can help you:
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What is Save Our Soles SG: A project aimed at spreading the word on health tips to empower women with the ability to look good but still feel good!



Images used with permission from SaveOurSolesSG

This is not a sponsored nor paid post. I just found the project really interesting and useful for ladies thus decided to write about it 🙂 Hope everyone enjoyed it!

Save Our Soles
Say hi to my feet!
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