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Receiving a email from Cynthia, CLEO’s Senior Beauty Editor was the best thing that happened to me this year! I remembered rubbing my eyes and checking my email again to be sure I didn’t read it all wrong. After that I replied within 10 minutes and the rest was history – I’m on print! šŸ˜€

CLEO Magazine June’17 Pg 96 – THAT’S ME!


Singapore Beauty Blogger CLEO

Singapore Beauty Blogger CLEO Singapore Beauty Blogger CLEO Singapore Beauty Blogger CLEO


So I was asked a couple of questions which I think never got published. I thought those are really great questions so I am sharing them here with you guys. Enjoy!

What do you look out for when you go beauty shopping?

I usually look out for new releases as well as products that suit my skin needs at the current moment. Because our skin condition is subjected to external environmental factors such as the weather & travels and internal environment factors such as work stress & sleep, I like to listen to my skin current needs and shop accordingly. Of course, products with pretty packaging helps with my final decision making šŸ˜›

Where do you usually like to shop?

I usually shop at Sephora & Tangs where I can explore products from many different brands at one glance and get shopping rebates/ discounts.

What are your must-buys?

I simply cannot resist makeup – especially eyeshadow palettes & lip products. Colours make me tick. Another must-buy include mask-sheets – there are always new products in the market with improved formulas and technology that give better results for the skin. I run through mask-sheets very quickly too as they are a staple in my skincare regime.

Why did you pick these products?

Physicians Formula is a very well-known makeup brand that produces quality makeup with really eye-pleasing packaging. They were previously not available in Singapore and I had to ship from US or Australia – imagine my joy when I saw it in Guardian! I’m having dull skin & redness issues at the moment and the Mineral Wear Correcting Powder can colour correct this imperfection and smooth skin texture.

CLEO Interview Qi Yun QiyunzCLEO MAGAZINE Beauty Influencer Qi Yun

As a sucker for limited edition makeup, I picked a eyeshadow quad and a blending brush from Catrice LE ‘Zensibility’ collection. Catrice is also a very value-for-money makeup brand so I can’t help but pick up 2 more products, a all-round concealer palette with 5 correcting tones ($5.90 ONLY!) and the Prime & Fine pore refining anti-shine primer, all to correct and improve my skin texture.

Singapore Beauty Blogger CLEOĀ 

I also selected 2 more colour makeup from another Guardian exclusive brand, Palladio… I told you I cannot resist makeup! I chose an eye-shadow palette with a rarely seen but gorgeous deep sea-blue shade and the Velvet Matte Cream Lip Colour in Raw Silk. The shade reminded me of the lips Anastasia wore in 50 Shades of Grey ;).

Singapore Beauty Blogger CLEO

CLEO Interview Qi Yun Qiyunz

I bleachedĀ my hair afew weeks back and got concerned with the possibility of weak and damaged hair so I picked up 3 different hair treatments from Hask. These treatments are aimed at strengthening damaged hair and restore shine with well-known key ingredients such as Keratin Protein & Coconut Oil. The Bamboo oil piquedĀ my interest and there was a buy-2-get-1 free offer going on so I got that too. The best part – all these products are in travel size packaging so I can take care of my hair on the go!

CLEO Interview Qi Yun Qiyunz

Last but not least, colourful mask-sheets from Lip Hop – a Korean brand that isĀ dermatologically tested andĀ formulated with 6-FREE (Free from Paraben, Benzohenone, TEA, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum and BHT). It’s available in 2 different types. The first type being Vitamin masks to target various skin problems with different types of Vitamins. The second type features black bamboo charcoal mask sheets – yup, the mask sheet is black in colour! All masks from Lip Hop contains some of my favourite ingredients such as Aloe Vera Juice, Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen so it was easy picking them.

Singapore Beauty Blogger CLEO

All these products are exclusive to Guardian.


Prices of products selectedĀ 

Physicians FormulaĀ Mineral Wear Correcting PowderĀ – $32.90

CatriceĀ ‘Zensibility’Ā Eyeshadow Quad – $9.50

CatriceĀ ‘Zensibility’ Eyeshadow Brush – $5.90

Catrice Multi-corrector concealer – $5.90

Catrice Primer – $7.90

Palladio Eye Shadow Palette – $14.90

Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip – $8.90

Hask products – $4.90 each , buy 2 get 1 free

Lip Hop masks – $2.90 eachĀ , buy 2 get 1 free




Before ending this post, I would likeĀ to urge everyone to just take another 10 minutes to hop over toĀ Afrikent’s words space – he was in the recent London Bridge terrorist attack and witnessed the horrific event. Writing reviews and sharing my daily life in words are a breeze to me but everyone knows how incapable I am in expressing my innermost thoughts and feelings, but I will try, because I think this is important and I have a duty to reach out to as many people as I can. I live in Singapore, a safe and peaceful city state where many of my fellow countrymen may have taken national security for-granted. Terrorism sounds so so so far away from us…pffft, we are more concerned about the peak timingsĀ price hike on Grab/Uber than the possibilities of a train-bomb exploding during the rush hour! But, if today you know that there is a impending terrorist attack that could happen during the week, you’ll avoid crowds at all costs and take that 500% Grab/UberĀ price hike for that whole month.


What if IĀ tell you now that Singapore is a key target of terrorist groups and that we have been cited as a target in jihadist publications and video by ISIS and other terrorist groups? Will you be more alert of your surroundings or still keep your eyes on the phone while commuting?


What if I tell you that just today, a 22-year old Singaporean woman was detained for radicalism? Will you look around and question? Will you be more concerned about your friends and loved ones views or will you still simply sweep it off your shoulders and take that somewhat radical comment as a joke?


We are not immune from attacks but same time, we should not let acts of violence divide us, should it ever happen in Singapore – Good is good and evil is evil. If this is something that you think you should be somewhat concerned as well, go ahead, read the news and share it to your friends and family. Don’t let people tell you that you are a ‘worry-head’ because the threat is very near and very real. The more you talk about it, the more people around us can be more aware and knowledgable. This is the only way we can increase the chances of preventing or escaping from a horrific terrorist attack.


Donald Trump wants a wall and a travel ban, but many terrorists these days are born in the very countries they attack, radicalized online; walls may keep the terrorists in, but they canā€™t keep the internet out. – Afrikent
ā€œAnd the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.ā€ –Ā Matthew 22:39
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