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The wedding season is fast approaching!  Weddings are becoming increasingly creative as couples now have many more options of how their unique wedding should be like.

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I guess mine’s an example – instead of holding it in a restaurant or ballroom, I choose to hold it in a all white studio:)

For guests however, things can get a little tricky as we now have to dress as the occasion and venue calls!

  • Is it going to be a indoor or outdoor venue?
  • Is it going to be a cozy event or a grand affair?
  • Are you risking being too overdressed or underdressed?

I remembered my bridesmaids and some friends sussing me out if there is any dresscode for my wedding. My reply: ‘Smart Casual’. But what does this term actually mean? Today, I hope to be able to help you out with this 🙂

I have previously introduced Pepperkoko – you can read all about it here. It is not coincidental that I choose to work with them again for this post. Their store is updated weekly with hundreds of affordable new designs, all of good quality and great materials. There is definitely something you can find for your next wedding invite. Looking for a dress last minute? You’ll be thankful that delivery is also exceptionally fast- I usually receive my items with 2-3 working days!

Let’s begin!


Singapore fashion blogger Wedding OOTD Singapore fashion blogger Pepperkoko Review Pepperkoko Review

For a start, smart casual means no slippers, singlets and shorts – so please do not take cue from my otherwise pretty trendy pair of slippers, it is still not allowed >.< Instead imagine it as a pair of matching black heels.

On me
Designer Drape Tie Sleeveless Top
Bamboo Bag from
Earrings & necklace from Chomel

A LBD is always a safe choice. I picked this drape tie sleeveless top that could be passed off as a designer piece. Yet, with it’s minimalistic design, you won’t look overdressed in it. Match it with dainty jewelleries or classic pearls to add a touch of sophistication & class. There is a slit at the left side where the drape is. Running the belt stash in can give you 2 different looks. In my pictures I tied the stash across my waist for a slimming effect. But if you had a tad too much after the banquet, simply stash it like how the model did below. Scroll down for more options from

Pepperkoko Review
From Link
Singapore fashion blogger
You can also opt for other colours as well – Deep solid colours are more suitable as it is unlikely that you’ll clash & blend into the bride’s dress. Link
Wedding OOTD
If you are a pants type of girl, you can try this combination. Link


Pepperkoko Review Wedding OOTD Singapore fashion blogger Pepperkoko Review Wedding OOTD Singapore fashion blogger Singapore fashion blogger

Such weddings are usually more free and easy and typically take place outdoors and in the daytime. I would choose to dress light and freely to combat Singapore’s humidity. Go bold with the frills and patterns but don’t forget to bring a convenient sling bag to keep your hands free. Due to the venue, lunch or dinners are usually buffet style and you’ll want to be able to keep your hands free to hold your plates and desserts!

On me
Lace Lashed Sheer Crochet Top
Floral Pleated Midi Flare Skirt
Synthetic Leather Metallic Clutch/Sling Bag
Shoes from Rubi Shoes
Earrings from Lovisa

Here are more options to consider as well.

Wedding OOTD
A sweet dress for church and cafe weddings. Link
Singapore fashion blogger
The perfect dress for a Garden Wedding! Link

Pepperkoko ReviewHere’s a minimalistic sling nude bag that can be easily matched with any outfit. Link

I had fun putting this blog post together, especially since my wedding was just over so it’s interesting to be blogging from a guest’s point of view. This post could have otherwise been titled ‘What I would wear to my own wedding’ 😛 Don’t forget to use my code ‘WIQIYUN10’ for $10 off above $60’. Free shipping above $50.

Start shopping!

While items are sponsored, all opinions are of my own. Follow me on Instagram @qiyunz for daily updates!

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