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Indonesia Part 1 to 5 – Mount Bromo and Ijen Fire Adventure!

Last December together with Shawn, we embarked on a 3 weeks part planned part ‘I don’t know where next’ adventure. We were definitely charmed by the beauty of Indonesia as well as the sophisticated diversify of sceneries, cultures and food. Let my first 5 part videos guide you through our adventure!

Tour company : Wisata Alam Indonesia Tours Services
Rating : 5/5 we probably got the best tour guide. When on a tour, your guide and companions are the ones who will make a difference. As for lodging, do not expect much since we are in mountainous area. Just relax and enjoy!

In upcoming Travel indonesia posts
– Horse Riding Course
– Bumping into Yongyakarta
– Bandung Fun!

Thank you for watching!

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Hello! I am Qi Yun, the author and creative behind www.FlyingPistachios.com.

I can be best described as a beauty junkie, picky pot and a perpetual wanderlust. Colours, traveling and listening to people talk inspire me, triggering visions and ideas. I’m often called a walking box filled with ideas. I love working on projects that shows originality and have a chance to make this world a better place.


  1. Hi Qiyun, I have just watched your videos on Mt Bromo and Ijen and that you went with Wisata Alam and were very happy. I have just booked this tour as well as Borneo orangutan with this company and wondered if I could ask if you have any advise that could help make our tour easier. I also note you are from Singapore which is where we are going first then from there to Pangkalanbuun which is where we get picked up for the tour, so if you have any advise for Singapore as well that would be great. If you are happy to help I am sure I have many specific questions later on.
    Thank you Paul

    1. Hi Paul,

      Sorry for the late reply. We are pretty well taken care of. Just remember to bring a copy of your itinerary so you know where you are going (and not miss anything out) and bring a N95 Mask at least if you plan on heading down to the crater – the sulphur smell can be very bad. I am not sure when you are heading to SG, but now it’s the CNY period so do drop by China Town and enjoy the special CNY displays.

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