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I’m Getting Married All Over Again….

Finally, an undisturbed public holiday to clear my mind.

And when my mind is cleared, important personal matters came flowing in…

I have been talking about this here and there on my social media channels and when meeting friends and collaborators, but I never really had the time to blog or even think in depth about it. I’m ‘getting married’… I can’t describe my feelings now, it’s like I thought I was mentally prepared for it, but when all the information, visions and details started forming in my mind, I could feel my heart ponding and I was actually suffocating! (Physically… I need to do something about my current weight and skin condition la…but let’s get this mental issue out first.) It was like the feeling of truth and reality finally sinking in…

I now realise I am actually not prepared to ‘get married’ at all. O.M.G.


Ok by now you should realise and wonder why I had to ‘open inverted and close inverted commas’ all my ‘getting married’ phrase. That’s because, technically speaking, Shawn and I are already married by law. It was a cosy church wedding, the way I wanted it to be but to many (and I must admit), it was more of like a ROM with a dinner reception. We had only 20 plus guests and that was 1 year ago >.< We never had any bridal shoot, wedding photo shoot, banquet dinner, much less a honeymoon. It was such a hush hush event many friends thought we were still boyfriend and girlfriend!

THAT SAID, we had planned our bridal shoot early last year, way before we got married. We choose MooMedia Secret Location.

What?! Secret Location? Huh?!

Ok that sentence kind of rang in my mind coz when I say that phrase, this is the reply I always get. Let me explain in detail what’s in for us.

  1. It’s a overseas photo shoot. We won’t know where we are going until we get there. YUPS!
  2. No it is not sponsored and this is not a blogger gimmick. It’s real.
  3. Yes, not sponsored means I paid for it la. How much? Almost $6K for the basic package. This is not inclusive of air tickets, accommodations, food, transportation, makeup artists, hair, gowns, and every other single thing you need for travelling FOR 4 PAX (bride, groom, videographer, assistant). It does include photography and videography. That’s it.
  4. We gave them a budget of $12K in all
  5. We’ll be given a 1 way ticket. That’s right! After the photoshoot, MooMedia will leave us there and we will be staying there for our Honeymoon.
  6. So…. we ALSO won’t know where we are going for our Honeymoon.


Yups! That’s the next sentence I almost always get when I finish my explanation ahahahahh! I am actually very very very excited. It’s the next big thing in my life. In fact, I am more excited over this compared to my wedding last year! So who is MooMedia and why did you choose to do this? Well, it all started from when I chanced upon this video of a couple in Mongolia and I decided that I want my wedding photo shoot to be like this too. Here are 2 videos to tell you all about it.

I know many of you have a lot of questions to ask:

  • What if they just bring you to JB with that $12K? Or Indonesia? Sentosa?
  • Are you able to indicate your preferences?
  • Don’t you have a dream wedding photo shoot? (Yes I have…) How do you ensure that you get the kind of pictures you want?
  • How about your gowns? And how are you going to book your makeup artists and hairstylists?
  • WHAT IF THEY LAND YOU ON A SUPER SMALL ISLAND?! How are you going to spend your Honeymoon???!!!!

Well, I will be answering all these in my upcoming posts. Basically, we had to play a modified ‘Risk’ board game, but I’ll leave the details in my next #MooMediaSecretLocation #ProjectPistachios blog post! These 2 will be the hashtags I will be using to log my wedding photo shoot journey.

  • #MooMediaSecretLocation for all my secret location related updates
  • #ProjectPistachios for all my wedding photoshoot preparation related updates… though I am still thinking of a better hashtag to use… please help me!

BUT now, I have so many butterflies in my stomach I think I can burp butterflies.

All these butterflies is because 2 weeks ago, we just received news that our photo shoot will most likely be in October this year and I am so so so so under-prepared. My skin is in it’s worst state since this year… Im currently fighting horrible acne breakouts from my Malaysia trips last month. I’ve gained so much weight from stagnant lifestyle that I don’t think I can fit into the gowns. And I have so many projects on hand that I hope I can do and serve well in all of them too. I guess I’ll really have to start planning and be more mindful about how I spend my time.

Now that I have typed out all my feelings and what has been going on in my head… I actually do feel better! Thank you my readers for reading… it actually feels like ya listening to me and it feels comforting 🙂 On hindsight… I think with all these feelings that I’m having now… I might actually be a #BrideZilla!!!!

MooMedia Wedding Photoshot review
A little trailer to the next #MooMediaSecretLocation #ProjectPistachios post
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  1. there’s no update on this! what happened?

    1. HAHahahha we have been updating informally on my Instagram @qiyunz. You can take a look over there. Will be updating here soon! The photos are almost ready 🙂

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