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Resorts World Genting World Club Room Review

Ever since I first laid eyes on Resorts World Genting World Club Room, it became a #RoomGoal. The clean white and grey walls, opulent teal blue accents and wood features makes the room look super relaxing, open and inspiring at the same time. It almost feel like a beach resort, except that I am about 2000m above sea level! I must admit, some of my home renovation inspiration and colour selection came from this hotel! I currently have a ‘greyscale’ living room and a light sea blue feature wall in my studio room! Now I just need to add some wood accents….

Last month, I was given the chance to visit Resorts World Genting again and I immediately jumped at the chance to upgrade my room to the World Club Room. #RoomGoals achieved, may I say that? 😛

Resorts World Genting
What a huge room!

Singapore Hotel Review
Work station with safe and fridge in the cabinet
World Club Room
I say, these are some huge single beds!
Singapore Hotel Review
Fully equipped toilet
World Club Room
Clean white minimalistic toilets

Watch my room tour video below!

World Club Room
Fully equipped toilet
Resorts World Genting
Fully equipped toilet with hairdryer
Resorts World Genting
Dresser area that caters to my habit of doing makeup standing!
World Club Room
Closeup on the pouches 🙂

The World Club Room was recently refurbished together with all there other room in First World Hotel back in 2015. It is 42 meter square in size and fully equipped with toiletries and basic necessities. It’s big and comfortable enough for a family of 4. Have more than 2 kids? Just bring in extra beds at RM50 each! The room is so spacious, there’s enough space to hold a party of 20! Though, I wouldn’t recommend blasting party music and vibes in consideration of the other hotel guests. Board games night perhaps?

I am a hygiene freak and even after staying in so many different hotels, I always make sure to bring along my own sanitising wipes to clean table tops and other places if needed. To me, there is a difference between ‘looks clean’ and ‘feels clean’. I admit it’s 50% psychological haha! So when I looked back, Resorts World Genting World Club room actually looks and feels to clean, I don’t remember having the need to actually take out my sanitising wipes at all! Everything in the room looks and feel squeaky clean. Not a speck of dust to be found!

World Club Room
Who runs the world? Symmetry on the carpet 🙂
World Club Room
Big fluffy pillows!
Resorts World Genting
Bedside counter deets
Singapore Hotel Review
Touched and untouched bed 😛
Resorts World Genting
A bright reading light – love the deep teal textured cushion
World Club Room
Reading light for the night owls
World Club Room
The morning sunrise that entered our room… captured from my bed.
Resorts World Genting
Sunrises are always beautiful…

Here are the Amenities

  • 40″ Colour TV
  • In-house Video (Vision 4)
  • Telephone
  • Coffee Table & 2-Seater Sofa
  • Mini Fridge and Tea & Coffee Making Facilities
  • 2 bottles of Mineral Water
  • Safe-deposit box
  • Standing Shower with Bath Tub or Standing Shower
  • Basic Toiletries
  • Slippers
  • Shaver
  • Hair Dryer

One of the world’s largest hotels, First World Hotel is conveniently linked to 500,000 sq feet of indoor theme park, shopping centre and food galore! I enjoy the fact that I can take the lift to the lobby and start shopping at Watsons (where I don’t understand why everything in that Watsons shop seemed super cheap…. Maybelline eyeliners that are less than $10? Usual price $22 plus) and find lots of dinning options. Looking for more? Then take an escalator up and there’s a whole new 4 levels of shopping, food and indoor theme park!

Check out this video below and watch bff and I tour the place!

More information:

  • Official check-in time is 3.00pm while check out time is 11.00am
  • For RM5, check-in early to avoid the queue.
  • For RM5 , get a connecting room, Mountain view / Valley view, or have your room located near the lift.
  • Check-in with the check-in kiosk or pay RM15 to check-in at the Front Office Counter.
  • Self luggage carry with a trolley with a refundable deposit of only RM20 OR you can opt to pay RM20 per luggage for luggage delivery / collection services.
  • There is no charge for bedding request.

Looking for other choices? Check out my review of XYZ room here. I hope this article has been useful in your room selection decision!

*While this is a sponsored FAM trip where transportation, accommodation, most meals and most activities are covered, opinions are purely my own. You may also want to read these related blog posts
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Resorts World Genting XYZ Deluxe & World Club Room

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