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Do you know that the Great Singapore Sale (GSS!) officially starts on 31st May?

This means that I have actually started splurging even before GSS have even started! Why why why must you start burning my pocket so early?! But how can I resist?! Things were going at 50% and 70% off!!! Means you can buy 2 or even 3 times more of everything with the same amount of money! Shop now and don’t shop for the rest of the year ok?!

As if we’ll have the discipline…

Anyways, let me show off my first splurge @Forever New. Well, actually it’s not my splurge, Shawn bought it for me coz I asked him nicely 😛 But hey! Many of my heels had broken apart so it’s time for a new one and we actually save when buying at the right time coz this gorgeous is at 50% discount!!!

Check it out

This was at 50% off! After discount, $49
This was at 50% off! After discount, $49

But the Star of show goes….. *drum rolls*……..

chomel logo


Yes Chomel! Have you heard of this brand before? It’s a Local Brand, sister of Madame Butterfly, They have been around for about 20 years and they have the biggest collection of quality Zircon Jewelry! I used to make and sell jewelry and play around alot with stones and Zircon, so I can vouch for the quality of their Jewelry! It’s well taken care of and well made/ shouldered into it’s holding cast. Just scroll down and look at the shine! When I told Shawn’s mom that I bought 12 items from Chomel, first thing she said was (probably knowing that I am super stingy) ‘ On sale ar?’ and the second thing she said was: ‘Chomel can buy alot. Their products have quality.’

Endorsed by shopping expert ok!

And guess what’s the discount? ….. it’s a 10% off storewide and a ***70%*** OFF selected items! And when they say selected items, they are not cheating you by putting up lousy pieces on sale and you end up buying those 10% off pieces.

50% OF THE SHOP WAS AT 70% DISCOUNT! And all the items are as gorgeous as they can be! I seriously do not know how they selected what to go on sale, but I suspected they simply took whatever was convenient to place that 70% discount sign and then viola, that whole rack is at 70% off. Not just 1 or 2 tiny racks, it’s half the shop ok? 🙂

Now…… here’s MY SPLURGE.




Cannot see the accessories properly right? Here’s the detailed shots below!



First to introduce, the very first Evening Bag I’ve bought for myself. I am like almost 25?!

Damage that has been done to determine the effects cialiscouponcard.com/cialis-over-the-counter-easy-tips-guides-to-purchase-without-a-doctor/ of the injection. Engraved on one side and 468 mg on the methodology of marxism.

See how stingy I am? Evening bags can be very expensive and I always find it hard to find one that suits me as most are either too girly for me, way too bling, or look way too cliche’ and old fashion. Chomel has such a good range, I could finally find one for myself. AND at a awesomeness discounted price too! –  Just the right amount of ‘Girly’ , a elegant strip of Bling that’s not too Bling and a classy color. Perfect! BUY!

Evening bag



The next one I could not resist! I love butterflies and have a weird soft spot for Black ones. You can kind of figure out that it’s hard to find black butterfly accessories so when I see one, I’ld just buy! I can safely say this is the most beautiful black butterfly necklace I’ve bought so far, look how pretty it is! I can wear it with formal or casual wear, very versatile!


Elegant Beauty


These 2, top and bottom, are for myself. I always find it hard to find great looking affordable accessories to match Gala Dinner and Wedding events and Thank you Chomel for giving me the chance to finally own 2 really good looking pieces, the type I’ve always wanted! I can even wear these with Formal wears to meetings and such! Very versatile!


These pictures really don’t do the bracelet justice. It’s another black piece but it’s really shiny and fits me just right, it’s a shame to leave it there on the rack. At the same time, I don’t really wear bracelet but when Shawn saw it on me, he was like ‘ This is really nice. You must get this.’

It really helps to get a second opinion!



The one below was a big surprise! I didn’t really fancy it on first sight, but bought it coz I don’t own any chunky pieces and thought it’ll be good to just get it, SINCE it is at 70% DISCOUNT RIGHT?!!! I didn’t even bothered to try it on myself but just look at how wrong I was.



It’s so gorgeous I took so many shots of myself with it! Usually such chunky pieces are worn for Dinner or Lunch events but I matched it with a stripped tank and they went together really well. One more shot below! PurpleBeads


I love love love this piece. I’ve never bought any long necklace because the ones I find are either ugly, cheap looking or way too ex ( like those without blings, only rhodium metal kinds and they have the cheek to charge over $100?) , I always tell myself the ones I make are better! But this time, I am pleasantly pleased and humbled to find such a gorgeous piece in Chomel, I kept thinking to myself how come I am so lucky? I was like way behind in the queue (YES, Good sale = Crowd. Want to pick also must queue ok!) and no one picked up this ‘only piece left!’


First Long Necklace

This is SO SO So cute! I actually bought this with someone in mind to give to.  Not gonna reveal the person here, coz I might want to keep this for myself in the end 😛 Too cute and good looking issn’t it!


And this one below, I got as part 2 of Jessica’s Birthday present. It was her birthday earlier this week and although I’ve already prepared her present, I thought it would be nice to add an accessory to it since the presents will go very well together! I wanted to get something purple for her since her fav color is purple but there wasn’t much purple choices and my eyes caught this piece – don’t the ribbon look like a J?! It’s quite blings and I am sure it will suit Jessica’s fair skin tone. I hope she’ll like it!


If not hor… nvm.. this is just part 2, still got PART 1 la ! :DDD

The one below is tri-butterfly in bronze, gold and silver. See, butterflies again 😛 The colors are really nice but it’s really blur in this picture. I have horrible complexion and this is a very close up picture, which means it’ll reveal my ugly pores and unsightly acne scars. So I simply blurred the whole picture coz it’s really nice (after I’ve blurred it). So just admire my photoshop and makeup skills here la 😛

Don’t worry, there’ll be another clearer picture at the end of this post, coz I am doing TWO GIVEAWAYS! Read on!



While we were queueing, Shawn asked me how much I think the amount will total up to. I said $200 plus but I think it is worth it and he says he think so too. One of the things I really appreciate about Shawn is that when I want to buy something, he doesn’t stop me. Ok, I am a very stingy and thus very rational buyer to begin with so if I want to buy something, it means I really want it and no one can stop me. Girls if you are not like me, please listen to what your BF/husband tells you.

So we were at the cashier and I watched anxiously as the cashier scans my steals and number starts flickering on the cashier screen and there were afew times when the screen went… $4.90… $4.90… I squealed so loud in my heart I think the people around me could hear it!

The final bill – $141.80.

YES! $141.80 for 11 quality pieces of blings and my very first evening bag (That could have costed me $49.90!) When I walked out of the store I looked like this. Seriously.


Credit: savannahfaerie.deviantart.com
Credit: savannahfaerie.deviantart.com


Too bad their rings weren’t on sale or else I would have grabbed a few of them too. Have been looking for some nice rings for some time now and the stingy me just wouldn’t splurge on them. Saw some of their rings and would really love to buy them down! If you like any of the items here in my blog, quick quick quick! Go to Chomel and steal some pieces for yourself! I expect their stores to be very crowded coz of the sale, which means things are going to go real fast and you are going to lose out if you don’t get yours real quick!

SO I mentioned that I will be doing 2 giveaways and so far I have only covered 10 items right? The other 2 is for my early supporters of this VERY young blog!

The first is a simple chain necklace, no pendent just 3 very elegant chains in Gold, Bronze and Silver colour intertwined together. It’s simple, pretty and elegant, it’ll go well with everything! However, honestly, I think such chains suit people with thinner necks as it’s really simple with no pendent to weigh it down to form that V shape that makes your neck look slimmer with a necklace one. Just my 2 cents thoughts.


The next one… is one that I really like and I like it SOOO much I got 2 of them! One to keep for myself, and one to giveaway! Here’s the clear picture of the tri-butterfly necklace. Mine’s Broze, Gold and Silver and the one I am giving away is Gold Gold and Silver.



UPDATE! Chomel saw my GSS write up and here’s what they said! THANK YOU CHOMEL! Can’t wait for the delivery!

Yippee YAY!!!
Yippee YAY!!!

So just how do you win them? Simply leave a comment with your email adress to let me know that you’ve been here and the necklace you’ld like to win and I’ll choose a lucky winner on 30th June!


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  1. Chomel does take care of their online image! So awesome. And if I’m chosen, can I have the tri-chain necklace please? ^^

    1. Hello Ming Hui!!! 😀 Thank you for your support! I’ve chosen my good old friend to be my winner! And yes, it’s the tri-chain necklace I’m giving you! Do you want to meet up or I’ll mail it to you? 😀

    2. Hello Ming Hui!!! 😀 Thank you for your support! I’ve chosen my good old friend to be my winner! And yes, it’s the tri-chain necklace I’m giving you! Do you want to meet up or I’ll mail it to you? 😀

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  4. I’ve just read your blog for the first time, and I have to say that I’m impressed by your blog! You did a great job and I enjoy reading your posts 😀 Chomel jewelry really are elegant, and they’ve boosted their brand and image by rewarding good reviews. Well, I now leave with the comment that I’ve been here and that I’d like to win that simple, chain necklace! 🙂

  5. Hi! I just came across your post on these necklaces and I felt that the tri-butterfly necklace is really very beautiful! I can’t seem to keep my eyes off it! Plus your entry is great! <3

    1. Hello Shi Hui! Thank you for reading my post and your encouragement! I’ve decided you as my winner of the Tri-Chain necklace!!! Will drop you a mail in awhile!

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