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Changing People’s Lives with Makeovers

This video gave me a whole train-ride of inspirations on how to start changing people’s lives, already. What if I have a team of make up artists and stylists willing to take some time after work, once a week. And then, I have a team of personal coaches willing to help those who wants to be helped? On the side line, we have a waiting list of people, clueless and distressed, desperate to know how they can change their lives.

We work after work. Changing one life a week.

PM me if you are interested in this idea and would want to see to make this work!

13 November 2013 –  Makeup Artist 1 :

A friend I got to know through instagram is intereted in working on this project! Her IG name is @vinvola and she’s a makeup artist (a awesome one too!) Check out her lovely blog with makeup and health tips! : www.loveybelle.com

I was just brainstorming this with a group of people in the beauty industry and the idea became cooler if the makeup used are also donated so the makeup artists don’t have to fork our any more money on top of the very valuable time they will be giving 🙂

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